FIC 2018/Sopra Steria’s Escape Challenge: and the prizewinners are…

Lille Grand Palais, "Challenges" area

Lille, 24 January 2018

At the FIC 2018 forum, Sopra Steria – European leader in digital transformation – and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Bretagne Sud (ENSIBS) engineering school's Cyber Defence section jointly organised an Escape Challenge, with the support of Pôle d'Excellence Cyber and in partnership with Amossys, Retis and Claranet. The co-organisers put their own spin on Capture The Flag (CTF), introducing a brand new challenge that takes place over two stages in the form of an Escape Game followed by Defend the Flag. It was all based on an original concept devised by the P_TE Escape Game team, made up of Cyber Defence engineering students in their 2nd and 3rd years at ENSIBS.

In total, 16 teams made up of four people each competed in the two innovative challenges throughout the day on 23 January and long into the night:

  • A Cyber Escape Game: over the course of an hour, one by one, teams were locked in a room of just 12m² where they had to put all their cybersecurity skills and wisdom to the test to successfully complete the different stages and regain their freedom.
  • A Defend The Flag (DTF): teams took part in various technical challenges, helping them to earn points along the way.

At the end of the Escape Challenge, three teams made it onto the podium:

  • 1st prize: Hexpresso (Sony 40-inch Smart TV)
  • 2nd prize: ROT 26 (Jgaurora 3D printer)
  • 3rd prize: Bande à Picsou (LCD portable Asus 15.6-inch screen)

We’re so pleased we took part in this Escape Challenge. It’s an innovative format, which gave us the chance to experience something intense and immersive. For us, as huge fans of CTF, it was really what we were looking for! explained members of the Hexpresso team who won the top prize.

This first-class competition demonstrated fantastic collaboration between ENSIBS students and the experts at Sopra Steria, as well as an excellent opportunity to showcase the talent needed within French cybersecurity. Definitely something to try again! said Jean-Luc Gibernon, Cyber Security Director at Sopra Steria.. 

“Beyond the technical work involved for our students in preparing an Escape Challenge, the innovative competition allowed those taking part to completely immerse themselves in the world of CTF and to experience something incredibly rewarding. The originality of the competition comes from combining an escape game – which takes place in an immersive and physical environment – with CTF, which is all digital. What’s more, we hope to integrate this original format into our training programmes,” concludes Charles Préaux, Cyber Defence Training Director at ENSIBS.