From project manager to developer: how the “newskill” responded to my desire to give meaning to my career

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Some people want drastically change their professional project within their company, but they don't always facilitate this need for change. At Sopra Steria, employees can benefit from training to acquire new skills.


After 20 years as a project manager for Sopra Steria France, Bertrand Macé is now  developer thanks to newskilling, a profession that has given meaning to his career.


I joined Sopra Steria in 1996 as a developer, before taking the role of project manager for 15 years. I always had a particular appetite and curiosity for “technical” aspects: I coded a few tools to help me with my reports or my daily assignments and I helped my colleagues on points they had less control over. I quickly became the technical referent of the team, the person to ask questions or to turn to in case of problems. Then, I've had a role of technical expert for almost a year for the same client that I supported as project manager.

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