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How can digital technology pave the way for decarbonised aviation?
Air transport is responsible for more than 4% of greenhouse gas emissions and like all other sectors in the economy, it needs to undergo a strong ecological transformation. The aviation industry has thus committed to achieving net zero emissions in aviation by 2050. Digital tools are proving to be highly effective accelerators in this process.

| Siva Niranjan

Best in Class: Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability
By incorporating good principles and recognised standards of sustainability into all aspects of our business, we create more value for our clients, become part of more sustainable economies and communities, engage our employees, forge better relationships with stakeholders and differentiate ourselves from competitors.

| Florent Brodziak, Håkon Eriksen Drange

Sustainable Digital: It is time for ICT to embrace environmental practices!
If sustainability falls under Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, Digital and IT organisations can actively contribute to the GHG emissions reduction tracked through the Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. 

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How a cloud-based solution turbocharged symmedia’s industrial service business
Digital service solutions innovator symmedia sought to transform its business by switching to a cloud-based solution. The result, the Secure Service Hub represents a new generation of highly secure collaborative system that driven a 50% surge in new business.

Biodrone specialised in drone services revolutionises forestry

Biodrone is specialised in drone services within the forestry and agricultural industry. Biodrone wanted to create a simple and accessible method for forest analysis to contribute to sustainable precision forestry.

UK Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) reshapes its customer experience with a modern contact centre

Transport for London (TfL) operates the UK capital’s public transport network and main roads. Among its responsibilities, TfL oversees an accreditation scheme which manages the safe and sustainable operation of more than 107,000 commercial vehicles through the Fleet Operators Recognition System (FORS). TfL has selected Sopra Steria to operate the scheme.

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