Sopra Steria is committed to standardised and trustworthy AI in Europe

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Driven by technological breakthroughs, the growth of Artificial Intelligence is unstoppable. Everyone already uses or is exposed to AI-powered services and products in one way or another; whether it’s real-time translation, video recommendations, autonomous vehicles, electricity grid control, traffic management, interpretation of radiological images, or more.

However, the large-scale deployment of AI-based systems is still limited for two main reasons. The first is the matter of how much we can trust these systems. The second is the potential for industrialisation. Trustworthiness means that AI should have technical protection against cyber-attacks, respect ethical rules (fairness, privacy, non-discrimination, etc.), and be explicable and transparent to the best extent possible.

In critical systems where trust is essential, it is crucial to be able to offer a set of methods.
The programme is bringing together 13 key industrial and academic founding partners including Sopra Steria and, more broadly, an ecosystem of close to 50 partners including start-ups and SMEs. One of its main objectives is to offer this set of methods making it possible not only to design, but also to approve, certify, and explain. This is the very purpose of the trust environment that Sopra Steria provides. 

This is why Sopra Steria, as a European Tech leader, is proud that programme together with a German consortium led by VDE , one of the largest European technology organisations based in Germany, announced a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC). This alliance aims to support the future European regulation on artificial intelligence (AI Act), by creating a combined Franco-German label on trustworthy and responsible AI in 2023, which will be closely connected to future standards.

This cooperation will strive to provide guidelines and specifications for AI applications and help ecosystems take necessary measures to comply with the AI Act. In practice, the key players in France and Germany will offer a  common frame of reference on trustworthy AI. Ultimately, it will accelerate its “time-to-market”, especially towards SMEs that will be provided with solutions they would not have been able to develop on their own.