Sopra Steria joins the Valencian Community Digital District technology hub

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Sopra Steria has announced its adhesion to the Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana technology hub in Spain. The agreement signed with the Society for Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SPTCV) highlights Sopra Steria's commitment to the region and local technological talent.


This technological hub has been created with the aim of promoting the attraction and retention of talent, facilitating the transfer of innovation to the traditional productive fabric of the Valencian Community and promoting the installation of technology companies in the region. In this way, it offers companies and entrepreneurs access, not only to their infrastructures, but also a wide program of value-added services, such as training, consulting and hosting events. In addition, Distrito Digital provides advice and fosters synergy between networking networks in order to carry out efficient management of the Next Generation European Funds, in which the creation of consortia and alliances is essential when mobilizing the financing of Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation.

Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana, the center of the largest innovation ecosystem in the Mediterranean, currently has around 80 companies installed in the different hub headquarters, to which must be added around 200 companies, startups, institutions and organizations of the entire Valencian Community linked to the project. The main sectors of activity of the companies it houses are: Software and CRM, Big Data, Smart Data Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, IoT, Cloud, Sensorization, Smart Cities, IA, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Fintech, Proptech, Edutech, Traveltech and Edtech.

“ At Sopra Steria we firmly believe in everything that has to do with innovation. As one of the main European consulting companies and leaders in information technology, joining this organization was a logical step in our commitment to consolidating the Company in the Valencian Community ", said Antonio Peñalver, General Director of Sopra Steria Spain . "We want to highlight the value of the professionals from the universities of this region, as well as the companies based here, to which we will contribute all our knowledge and experience in technological projects," he added.


IV Port Logistics Technology Forum


One of the first initiatives in which Sopra Steria will participate is the celebration, on May 19, of the IV Port Logistics Technology Forum, in the context of the cycle of B2B events organized by the Digital District and the Alicante Port Authority (APA). The objective is to move towards a Smart Port model that, under the concept of Industry 4.0, promotes the competitiveness and sustainability of these enclaves.

Sopra Steria will chair one of the talks, in which he will address the analysis of blockchain technologies as a central element for traceability in the transport of goods by sea. In addition, Sopra Steria will participate in other innovation projects and disseminate international success stories so that member companies can replicate them.

" In recent months, the relevance of this sector has become more evident than ever in a geography that has historically depended on traditional industries far from new technologies. This is evident in the great growth that Distrito Digital has experienced ', has said Raul Juanes, Director of the Levante Agency at Sopra Steria . "We trust this project, so supporting and promoting it is an obligation for us in our commitment to the technological talent of the Valencian Community", he concluded.

Since Sopra Steria settled in the Valencian Community, its more than 650 collaborators work on projects with public organizations and companies in sectors such as Retail, Transportation, Insurance and Banking. It carries out projects that cover process consulting, ICT governance, transformation of production models via software development and quality assurance. In addition, it has a Service Center that collaborates in industrial activities supporting various international and innovation projects, using the most disruptive methodologies and technologies.