Sopra Steria launches in Spain its new consulting brand specialized in digital transformation, Sopra Steria Next

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Sopra Steria announced, Frebruary the 10th, the launch in Spain of Sopra Steria Next, its digital transformation consulting brand. With 3,400 professionals in Europe, Sopra Steria Next is one of the largest digital transformation consultancies and comes to Spain, after consolidating in France and Germany, which reinforces the Group's commitment to this country.


The presence of technology in the economy and daily life make the digitization of companies less and less an option and more of a necessity, becoming a key factor for the future of any company. Technology affects the entire value chain of organizations, prompting them to undertake a fundamental change: they must redefine their positioning and adapt very quickly to a hugely changing environment, adopting an ecosystem mindset, while combining complementary skills and knowledge.

Given this dynamic environment, companies must rely on companies that help them and accompany them in the process, therefore, Sopra Steria Next offers premium, end-to-end and proximity consulting, and relies on the strength of its teams, which exchange support with the entire Sopra Steria Group; and in its commitment also to implement concrete and measurable tests. With these services, Sopra Steria Next helps its clients in the main sectors of the country: Banking and Insurance, Public Administration, Transportation, Retail, Airlines, Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, to face their transformation challenges.

"The launch in Spain of Sopra Steria Next will allow us to further enhance our technological offer with consulting services of high added value", explained the Managing Director of Sopra Steria Spain, Antonio Peñalver. "Since Sopra Steria arrived in this country, more than 20 years ago, we have focused on innovation, development and training of talent to build teams that position us as benchmarks in the market, since, within the Group, we are the fifth country in the world in turnover and third in number of employees. Now is the time to unite all our consulting capabilities under this powerful new brand ", he added.

“Betting on Sopra Steria Next means making commitments to our employees, our customers and our ecosystem. These promises imply leadership, experience and confidence in what we do. They mean new value propositions and delivery and management models ”, commented the Director of Sopra Steria Next in Spain, Carlos Morón Herrero . “We want to accompany our clients in their transformation challenges and be at the heart of their digital projects. For this, a local, agile and personalized consultancy is necessary and, above all, committed to offering tangible results, that is, capable of taking action and implementation ”, he concluded.


The need for a digital ethic


Digitization has already changed the way we work and live as it affects the functioning of societies and institutions. Although technology is not inherently good or bad, its ability to amplify and accelerate change of all kinds prompts us to take responsibility for managing its effects.

Since the development of a company's business is no longer possible if its social and environmental impact is not taken into account, Sopra Steria Next has placed this issue at the center of its value proposition. Their digital transformation strategies help organizations also manage today's digital ethics challenges to achieve better business results.

"The digital must be at the service of the human. We defend a digital ethic that supports the usefulness of technology and the point at which it is, but we also closely monitor its evolution and impact on society," said Morón Blacksmith. "In addition to applying these fundamentals to all its projects, Sopra Steria Next follows the principles of ethical design and assesses the social cost of new services," he concluded.