Norway's best workplace five years in a row

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With over 2,000 employees in headquarter and almost 450 new employees in 2020, Sopra Steria has been named “Norway's best workplace” for the fifth year in a row.

We are humble and proud. It's not about winning the title, it's rather a confirmation of our consistent work to improve ourselves. The fact that people feel good at work, despite times of crisis, makes me very happy, says Kjell Rusti, CEO of Sopra Steria Scandinavia.

On Tuesday 27 April, it became clear that Sopra Steria can, for the fifth year in a row, be named Norway's best workplace by Great Place to Work. The consulting company topped the category for the largest companies with over 500 employees. 


Systematic and long-term work 


What does it take to be named Norway's best workplace? According to Kjell Rusti, it is long-term work. Great Place to Work annually measures over 500 Norwegian companies, and this is the first time a company comes in first place five years in a row. 

Foremost, this is a very nice confirmation from our employees. It’s the survey of Great Place to Work and the feedback we get from the report that counts. We take this feedback seriously, and work purposefully to improve ourselves - continuously. It’s a hard work, and we can in no way rest on our laurels, says Rusti. 

Sopra Steria has continued its growth through the pandemic, and also took in both 165 new graduates and 59 summer students in addition to the more experienced new employees. There was therefore great excitement associated with this year's selection, as the pandemic has changed the working day of the employees in Sopra Steria sharply. It was not a matter of course that satisfaction as an employee and new employee in Sopra Steria has actually increased during the crisis.

I would like to take this opportunity to brag about our committed people, and our leaders. They have all had to adjust over the past year, but have taken the challenges head on. It is especially nice that so many of our new employees think it has been a great experience to start working at Sopra Steria in such a transition period, says Rusti. 


Great focus on activities and unity


Throughout the pandemic, Sopra Steria has worked with digital activities and events "outside the box", with humor and interaction in combination with professional replenishment. 

 Despite difficult times, you must never forget to have fun at work. Interruptions in everyday life are necessary when we see that employees have as high productivity as they have, says Rusti.

He is also concerned that customers are a contributor to the consultants' well-being at work. 

Our customers give us exciting and challenging tasks. When we see the actual value we create for society together with them, it is incredibly rewarding for both parties, says Rusti. 


Satisfied customers


A good workplace also ensures satisfied customers. In recent years, Sopra Steria has delivered strong organic growth in the Norwegian market, and in 2020 had sales of more than NOK 3 billions. The company has over 2100 employees in Norway, and the company has over 46,000 employees in 25 countries. Sopra Steria is the largest consulting company in digital transformation in Norway.