They are unique – Meet Kiran, Architect for Sopra Steria based in India

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Meet Kiran Kumar Sabbisetti, one of our technology enthusiasts and who is currently working as principle architect. Kiran has over 21 years of experience in the IT Industry. He works on multiple platforms and customer applications to align IT with the Business, by using industry 4.0 technologies such as Cloud, AI, DevOps and Big Data areas. In parallel to these activities, Kiran also leads the Cloud CoE team in Chennai, India.


1/ How did you evolve at Sopra Steria? 


I joined Sopra Steria (then known as Xansa) in December 2003 as a software engineer. It has been fascinating journey to go from a software engineer to principle architect. During this tenure, I have evolved on both a professional and personal level.


As a software engineer, I started delivering java and database components and reviewing the deliverables and quality of code. I was then promoted to Software Specialist within 9 months of joining Xansa in August 2004. I began taking on more responsibilities, for example participating in code integration, configuration management, code reviews, and release documentation activities.


After a couple of years, in early 2006 I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer and I took on even more responsibilities such as component design, database design, coordinating with test teams for SIT, UAT defects. I also participated in customer requirement analysis meetings.


After gaining experience in these areas at both an onshore and offshore level, I was promoted to Project Leader in September 2007. This role included requirement gathering, team management, customer management and release from development to production, third-party management, etc.


Over the years, I was exposed to various management aspects for example estimation techniques, project management methodologies, team handling, customer management, service management, appraisal management.  Sopra Steria supported me throughout my journey and nurtured me as a professional.


With regular feedback from my managers and periodic self-evaluations, I realized that technology was my core area and moved from project management to architecture. I started to take up more technical oriented responsibilities like database design, integration design, SOA implementations, security aspects of applications, evaluating third party products, ERP implementations, etc.


Having proven myself in the technology area over the years, I was promoted to Senior Solutions Architect in 2013. I worked with various clients in IA roles. I have also had the opportunity to work with a number of teams and technologies across a range of domains. I was also given the chance to work with the core design team on a project spanning over two and a half years, to deliver one of the big cloud data platforms.


After this experience, I moved on to a Cloud CoE team where I took part in various pre-sales related activities, responded to RFPs, presented SSG capabilities, implemented critical DevSecOps solutions, automated workloads and guided teams on the delivery of cloud offers and accelerators. 


In January 2021, I was promoted to Principle Architect and began to lead the Cloud CoE team in Chennai. Today, I am working on expanding our team in Chennai and building up Azure Cloud Team.


2/ Can you explain us your job? What are your missions? 

  • I currently lead a few initiatives such as Axway products on Azure Cloud, Aeroline AI platform.
  • I participate to various RFP activities, cloud offerings like Azure landing zone, Mainframe2 Cloud , SAP 2 Cloud, Serverless architectures,  Containers as a Service. 
  • I collaborate with multiple Delivery Units and support them in their cloud journey.
  • I also empower teams across multiple locations by taking cloud, cloud native training and related sessions.

My mission is to establish India as a destination for all cloud and digital transformation programs for Sopra Steria clients.


3/ What makes your career path unique?

Sopra Steria has provided me with a number of opportunities to work with prestigious and renowned clients across the Retail, Utility, Banking and Finance Regulatory sectors. I was not faced with any difficulties when joining any of these teams as the core values (openness and respect to others) were fully embraced.  It’s always a pleasure to work with collaborative and professional teams, be it with onshore and offshore locations. I have had the opportunity to work with many talented individuals and teams who are well-known for their work in the industry.


Sopra Steria nudged me to discover my hidden talents and to deliver the extra value to these projects. Sopra Steria believes that learning is key and supports its employees to learn new things. I’ve been invited to take part in various technical and management sessions on a regular basis to keep track of career growth and open mindset.


4/ Any last words for someone who is considering applying to Sopra Steria?


I am proud to be part of Sopra Steria. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey and look forward to facing more challenges. If you are looking for consistent growth and an exciting work environment, Sopra Steria is the right place for you!


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