For Sopra Steria, true innovation offers its clients real opportunities for growth

Innovation at Sopra Steria - drivers of growth for its clients

For Sopra Steria, true innovation offers real opportunities for growth to its clients, more so than mere fleeting fads. Our teams provide solutions that make the best uses of digital technologies in the areas of Mobility, Big Data/Analytics, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Cyber Security, Smart Cities, Digital Identity and NFC Ticketing. They demonstrate energy and enthusiasm in assisting companies to enhance their development and competitive edge.

Sharing for Innovation

Working together with all the Group's business units and with communities of experts, the role of Innovation is three-fold:

  • To anticipate new uses of performance-enhancing technologies
  • To develop new offerings
  • To roll out innovation across the Group

It is based on a network of innovation relays spanning all entities within the Group, in order to stimulate innovation through participation.

Each business unit is therefore able to identify the most promising innovations by market and to share best practices.

Co-innovation is another approach developed together with our clients to establish innovative uses of technologies for their business areas.

The Sopra Steria DigiLAB, building the future for its clients

Sopra Steria's DigiLAB showcases the group's innovation know-how within a unique venue, connected to a DigiLAB network in France and Europe. Some 50 prototypes and projects are demonstrated on the themes of augmented reality, mobility, connected objects, new interfaces, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, cyber security, smart cities, etc.

DigiLAB - a unique experience for future planning and creating value

The environment provided by the Sopra Steria DigiLAB is conducive to the emergence of new ideas and enables our clients to translate these ideas into concrete solutions. This forum for exchanging and sharing information allows us to work in tandem with our clients to anticipate their future needs and co-create the most appropriate solutions.

Working in a DigiLAB session lets us immerse ourselves in an abundance of technologies. It allows us to assist our clients in future planning and in making full use of new technologies in order to generate value for their own customers or employees.

100% of prototypes made by Sopra Steria

The prototypes or projects showcased are illustrated by way of films or animations demonstrating innovative uses of cutting-edge technologies. All of them were created exclusively by the teams of Sopra Steria during real R&D or client projects.