James Moore

Consulting Director for Data & Analytics, Sopra Steria UK

James Moore
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From the beginning of his career, James has been particularly interested in data and its value through effective use. 

Be it communicating a concept, an opinion, a proposal to a colleague, team or an organisation’s leadership, he has found data to be a pivotal lever or enabler supporting the decision and its execution. 

Though there are great synergies across sectors and clients, each organisation and situation is unique and should be treated in its own right. James is convinced that those differences are a great motivator, bringing fresh challenges. 

At Sopra Steria, James is always learning and adapting as he embarks on the journey to improve his clients environment with enabling innovative, adaptive and resilient data platforms and services. He’s helping them to empower more open secure data sharing and collaboration (democratisation) where data is appropriately used in ever more effective ways (outcome based analytics continuum).