Agility at Scale

The Age of Agile

What does 'agility at scale' consist of?



At Sopra Steria Next, our "Agility to scale" approach combines strategic vision and pragmatism. We have confidence in new technological standards and are concerned to maintain the specificity of human actors in this evolution. Our specialized teams help you leverage agility across your industry while adapting it to your specific needs.

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  1. Context – The Age of Agile
  2. Core principles
    1. Customer value focus
    2. Learning throught experimentation challenging
    3. Cross-functional collaboration challenging
    4. Servant leadership
    5. Why is agile strategy and aligned brand challenging
  3. Our experience
  4. Why Sopra Steria Next ?
    1. Agility for Financial services
    2. Agility for Retail
    3. Agility for Energy & Utilities
  5. Conclusion