Boosting operational efficiency

Together we can boost your ecosystem's operating performance at every stage in the value chain

Given that immediacy and emotion now govern the circulation of information, companies must adapt and quicken their response times. To preserve their competitive edge in the face of new entrants, companies are transforming into platform companies and reinventing their operating models for greater speed and quality of execution, all while controlling costs.

At Sopra Steria, we believe that the platform company must scale its operating models to its overall ecosystem (employees, partners, suppliers, complementary brands, etc.) in order to meet new customer demands. This revamp of operations must place employees and customers at the centre of the thought process. It is based on a spirit of resilience, agile methods, and new ways of using technology.

Driving global performance of the platform company ecosystem

To guarantee the quality of products and services and deliver an optimal customer experience, every stage in the value chain must be fully managed. The value chain must be agile, capable of integrating new partners easily, and adaptable to new customer demands. We help you manage your ecosystem by facilitating collaboration, enhancing your data, and co-building a trusted digital space that you share with your partners in compliance with all applicable standards (GDPR, cybersecurity standards, and so forth).

Dovetailing performance, trust, and corporate responsibility

Today, the company bears a social and environmental responsibility on which it is evaluated by financial analysts as well as by its customers and present or future employees. Trust is prized by customers and remains a vital component of their experience. Sopra Steria provides "trust and accountability by design" recommendations. Thanks to our approach to performance, we work with you to measure the impact of our recommendations and transform those obligations of trust and responsibility into levers of distinction.

Adapting skills to your goals, making the company agile and resilient

Employees and the organisation must be central to improving performance. Having identified the changes in process that are required as well as the types of automation that will eliminate low added-value tasks, we guide you in defining and setting up the finest organisations best able to support your business. We also help you to transform the skill sets of your employees as they take on new processes and now need to focus on higher added-value tasks. Our specialised consultants help you set up a continuous-improvement process making your company adaptive and autonomous.

Daring to dream up new digital practices for employees and customers

To make significant performance gains while improving service quality, anticipating and adopting tomorrow's digital practices are key factors. Leveraging data, optimising collaboration within the ecosystem, automating tasks and decisions, rethinking the customer relationship, improving individual efficacy and machine relations: the role of technology has to be redefined in order to fully integrate it into processes and activities. Technology like AI with Machine Learning, Business Process Management, the new modes of digital interaction (Augmented Reality, voice recognition, etc.) and all methods of digitalising information and processes are already being used to transform ways of working in companies. Sopra Steria Next consultants guide you in selecting the technology to invest in, collaborating with the best partners for increasing your business and operational performance, and serving your growth targets in the finest way possible.


Together we can boost your ecosystem's operating performance at every stage in the value chain.

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