Asserting your brand through customer experience

Building your brand through the customer experience

Let's work together to bring your new customer-centric brand strategy to life

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The arrival of new players like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb has profoundly transformed the customer experience. They have promoted instant, total customer solutions and made the customer experience the focus of their business model. 

At Sopra Steria Next, we think that large public and private companies can emerge as the driving force in their ecosystem, because they control the full customer relationship. They will become a platform company if they agree to change focus and adopt the customer's viewpoint, resetting their offering in the wider context of the customer's overall need. Thanks to an ecosystem of partners, these companies develop their promise based on their customers’ life plans, challenges, and intentions, and adapt a catalogue of solutions and services to support these plans from end-to-end. The company is becoming "customer-centric" instead of "catalogue-centric". For customers, the platform driven company is the sole partner for their project. This company is responsible for all areas of the customer relationship, across the whole ecosystem. This means that operational excellence is a must.

How do we meet these new challenges together? To become a platform company, we must align your organisation, your solutions, your operations, and your partnerships with your purpose and your customer promise. Our consultants work with you to help you demonstrate your strategic positioning to become the one and only partner for your customers’ life plans, offering a comprehensive, consistent and successful experience.

Leveraging customer capital and winning new customers

The end customer relationship is the building block of the platform company. So, the priority is to maintain and develop this key asset. Today, the platform company must be able to develop in-depth customer insights that go well beyond its own solutions to understand and anticipate their life projects and their irritants (prediction and efficiency). Leveraging data is then key to being the customers' preferred partner and creating a true relationship of trust. As you become the key player in your ecosystem, you must sustainably engage your customers and turn them into your brand ambassadors. We help you make the most of your customer data, develop the customer culture in your company, design and implement customer commitment policies for the long term.

Rethinking the delivered value of products and services

Delivered value from the platform is assessed and measured against the customer promise. To continuously grow this value, the company must adopt a continuous-improvement approach to its products and services by relying on innovation and customer insights. Then you will need to coordinate your partners' offerings to construct a value proposition in keeping with your brand platform and strategy. Our consultants help design and implement a cohesive end-to-end value proposition. They work side-by-side with you to orchestrate products or services with partners of your extended business, and redesign the customer and prospect pathways (customer experience - CX design/user experience - UX design). Together we can speed up your time-to-market by drawing on agile methods whilst promoting industrialisation.

Let's work together to bring your new customer-centric brand strategy to life.

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