Making management more agile and engaging employees to serve the customer

Cultivating agile management and engaging employees to best serve customers

Together, we can work to make your management models more agile and engage your employees in making your transformation a success

Sopra Steria Next

Societal transformations, technological opportunities, new models and uses: customer requirements are changing rapidly and traditional organisations have to stay totally in sync with current times. This means that in response to change, management must become more agile and resilient, embodying the company's purpose and uniqueness. By engaging its employees and its ecosystem, the platform company has the perfect collective intelligence to address digital transformation challenges.

At Sopra Steria Next, we believe that the platform company model is reinventing dialogue, collaboration, and innovation through the contributions made between "Extended HR". It is ushering in new leadership, multidisciplinary co-building, and skills partnerships models, both in-house and outside. 

By uniting employees and the ecosystem around values, interests, and certain visionary components, the company enhances its customer value, develops its ability to adapt, and become more responsive. 

We are convinced that this transformation involves a plan to engage employees, a strategy to mobilise talent and skills ecosystems, and a changing role played by HR in the transformation process.

Gaining employees engagement

In the platform company, the employee's level of experience must be similar to that enjoyed by the customer. So, it is critical that you make sure that your human capital (skills, cultures, and motivations) are in line with the design and execution of your strategy. We bring you our experience, expertise, and vision to address these challenges within your organisation. By uniting your teams around your customer promise, we help you build a framework for self-sufficiency based on trust and an understanding of the organisation's transformation. Within this framework, employees' decisions have a greater impact.

Making business lines more agile and deploying the organic company

The organic, agile company is closer to its customers and employees. It becomes a platform and then opens up to its ecosystem. It brings with it a new conception of the rules of working together, of embodying every role, of organising the structure and responsibilities. For a successful transformation, you must define your leadership model, which addresses both behaviours and mind-sets. Our consultants support your management to define, adopt, and anchor these new rules to foster a digital and innovative culture within your company. We also help you to manage and focus new initiatives born of the autonomy enjoyed by your teams dedicated to specific assignments. At the same time, our experts work with you to set up the means for transformation in line with your commitments.

HR functions, contributors to change, are undergoing transformation

To deliver services contributing to transformation, HR functions must be interested in their own organisation and their tools: reviewing their value model and freeing up the necessary resources on high-added-value tasks. Our consultants help you to define the operations that can build on technological developments and innovative execution models, and those that should be allocated more resources to support internal missions with strategic value. Together, we analyse your HR data and characteristics to co-build the models that are suitable for your context and your challenges, while respecting your cultural and digital ethics. We work with you to define your strategy for transforming skills, and we develop your new leadership models and rules for collaboration. Together, we determine the relevant paths of transformation by aligning the role of your HR function with your ambition.

Identifying and retaining talent

Talent - at every level - plays a decisive role in the success of the organisation's transformation: human capital is the key. Therefore, your challenge is orchestrating the development, engagement, and agility of your talent, of their skill sets and of business lines. We provide benchmarks, experience, and expertise to support you and create agility when managing your group's transformation.


Together, we can work to make your management models more agile and engage your employees in making your transformation a success.