Designing your IS as a Service

Designing your IT as a service

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Together, let’s modernise your IT by adopting an “IT as a service” model aligned with your platform company’s new technological and operational priorities.

Our society is seeing a shift from a business model based on organisations to a networked economy based on platforms. New market participants such as Uber, Amex Open and Doctolib use this emerging model. Today, traditional companies need adaptable IT that can easily integrate their partners and suppliers. Organisations that wish to transform into platform companies must adopt open IT, switching from a monolithic setup to a flexible system that is agile enough to evolve in step with technical and technological advances, and also facilitates collaboration among ecosystem participants including employees, service providers and complementary or partner brands.

At Sopra Steria Next we believe that platforms are not just a corporate strategy – they are a functional and technological solution designed to provide internal and external services that are quickly and easily integrated into traditional IT. We help you adapt and modernise your IT to make all of your technology and environments interoperable. 

Defining an operating model for your platform company's IT department

To modernise their IT, companies need to adopt an operating model geared to platform companies. Your IT must have a clear structure and governance. It must unite the participants in your ecosystem and stimulate innovation, and do so without compromising the security or traceability of your business as a whole. We help you define the overall architecture of applications, services and data/repositories that promote the interoperability of services developed by various ecosystem participants.

Modernising your IT and IT department

For businesses, the process of overhauling IT involves integrating and modernising the existing system. For you, this means setting up an IT and business organisation focused on results, as well as rethinking development practices for existing applications. Our consultants help you replace the traditional V model with a more agile, collaborative system. They also help you implement new technologies and rethink your applications’ architecture.

Redesigning your sourcing model to promote agility and talent development

As a platform company, IT as a service requires a concerted effort across your entire ecosystem. Redesigning your sourcing model to promote agility and in-house talent development therefore becomes a key factor. We help you harness the diversity of your technology partners and keep pace with their development. To capitalise on your existing in-house resources, we help you identify key long-term skills within your company.

Drawing concrete benefits from your transformation

It is important to measure each successful transformation’s performance, be it technological or organisational. You also need to establish new models for measuring your IT department’s operating and financial performance. Together, we drive performance for environments impacted by agile transformation, and we measure and secure the benefits of your transformation.


Together, let’s modernise your IT by adopting an “IT as a service” model aligned with your platform company’s new technological and operational priorities.

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