Designing the fundamentals of the Platform Driven Company

Laying the foundations of the platform company

Together, we can rethink the foundation of your business, to move toward a platform company that is more agile and open to its ecosystem

Sopra Steria Next

The platform company provides agility, flexibility, and openness to keep up with the changing demands of customers, employees, and new entrants. It is at the core of an ecosystem that aligns the Employee and Partner promise working to serve the Customer promise. It promotes self-sufficiency in teams, cooperation, trust in partners, and the sharing of experience.

At Sopra Steria Next, we believe that agility and openness in the platform company are supported by a bedrock of values shared by its ecosystem, and by rules of partnership and collaboration. We think that operational excellence also depends on operating rules, whether this means data and revenue sharing, security, or defining the players' role in innovation.

Asserting your company's ethical foundations

Today, organisations must clearly state their digital ethics and abide by them in order to create trust and facilitate interaction. We believe that your ecosystem must share common values and that the platform company must lead a group review of six categories of values: basic human values, transparency, privacy, care for people impacted by the digital transformation, diversity and inclusion, plus security. Our consultants work with you to "lead and feed" your thought process in order to define your own values.

Aligning your Customer, Employee, and Partner promises with your brand strategy and your ethics charter

Within the platform company, the Customer is the primary concern, the purpose and the strategic asset. Your Customer promise becomes your priority strategic commitment, reflecting your brand platform and your ethics charter. Our teams help you to unite your ecosystem, employees, and partners around a shared objective: making good on your Customer promise.

Defining the architecture of your platform company

At the core of its ecosystem, the platform company is the custodian of all customer relations and has to organise and share data, resources, and revenue with its partners to serve its customers. We help you set your own partnership rules that cover all operational aspects: design and delivery of products and services, employee policy, operating interface, IT, etc.

Setting out security requirements and structuring their control

Data is vital to the platform company and its entire ecosystem: customers, employees, and partners. Data harvesting, retention, use, exchange, and marketing must be carried out in compliance with the strategic vision and ethics charter. Our consultants work with you to define the principles governing data sharing and leveraging.

Setting out security requirements and structuring their control

With growing threats and every faster accumulation of regulations, companies are having to review security requirements. In the platform company, the role of CISO, and other security standards is growing to help define and upgrade them. Our consultants work with you to implement the new control mechanisms by setting up Risk & Compliance Management or SOCs (Security Operations Centre). We put our expertise into the data-focused defence and successful scaling of the principles of security by design and privacy by design.

Setting out the principles of the role of the ecosystem's players in innovation

To foster a successful customer promise, innovation is the key to differentiation. By design, the platform company identifies, adopts, and develops the new working methods. It then chooses to integrate, aggregate, or promote them in its ecosystem based on the role of its choice and its strategic positioning. We help you build your culture of innovation and disseminate this culture across your extended network.

Setting out the principles of organic company management

Moving to a platform company involves an organisational transformation: principles of collaboration, decision processes, individual and team responsibilities, and more. The organic company becomes more agile when organised into more flexible and better-coordinated operating units. Together, we define the key principles of your operating model and introduce a framework of self-governance and rules of collaboration among your operating units.


Together, we can rethink the foundation of your business, to move toward a platform company that is more agile and open to its ecosystem.

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