Cultivating agile management and engaging employees to ensure customer satisfaction

Together, we can work to make your management models more agile and engage your employees in making your transformation a success

From social change and technological opportunities to new models and usages, customer expectations are changing rapidly and traditional organisations need to adapt to stay on top of current trends. In this changing environment, management must become more agile and resilient, embodying the company's purpose and uniqueness. By engaging its employees and its ecosystem, the platform company can leverage its collective intelligence to rise to the challenges of digital transformation.
At Sopra Steria Next, we believe that the platform company’s business model is reinventing dialogue, collaboration and innovation through the contributions made by and with "Extended Human Resources" such as freelancers and consultants. It is ushering in new paradigms for leadership, multi-disciplinary joint development and skills partnerships, both in-house and externally. 
By uniting employees and the ecosystem around values, interests and a shared vision, the company streghthen its value proposition, becoming more adaptable and responsive. 
We believe that this transformation calls for an employee engagement plan, a strategy to mobilise talent and skills ecosystems, and a shift in the role played by HR in the transformation process.

Boosting employee engagement

In the platform company, the employee experience is just as important as the customer experience, so ensuring that your human capital (skills, cultures, and motivations) meshes well with the design and execution of your strategy is crucial. We leverage our experience, expertise, and vision to address these challenges within your organisation. By uniting your teams around your value proposition, we help you build a framework based on trust and an understanding of the organisation's transformation that gives staff greater autonomy and more decision-making power. 

Making business lines more agile and cultivating an organic business model

A company with an organic, agile organisational structure is closer to its customers and employees. By becoming a platform, it opens up to its ecosystem, redefining its framework for all collaboration, key roles, structural organisation and responsibilities. To ensure your transformation is a success, it is important to define your leadership model in terms of both behaviour and mindset. Our consultants help your management develop, adopt and anchor this new framework to cultivate an innovative, digital culture within your company. We also help you manage and focus new initiatives that grow out of the autonomy granted to your staff assigned to specific projects. In parallel, our experts help you prepare your business for its transformation according to your requirements.

Transforming HR departments, drivers of change

To deliver services that help drive transformation, HR departments need to take stock of their own organisation and tools, rethinking their value model and freeing up necessary resources for high-added-value activities. Our consultants help you pinpoint tasks that can benefit from technological advances and innovative delivery models, and those that should be allocated more resources to support strategic in-house initiatives. Together, we analyse your HR data and profile to build an HR model tailored to your context and your priorities, while respecting your cultural and digital ethos. We help you define your skills transformation strategy and develop your new leadership models and collaborative framework. Together, we determine the best way to approach transformation by making sure your HR department is synchronized with your objectives.

Identifying and retaining talent

Talent – at every level – is critical to the success of the organisation's transformation: human capital is key. Your challenge therefore lies in coordinating the development, engagement and agility of your talent, their skill sets and your business lines. We use our benchmarks, experience and expertise to help you cultivate agile management and make your transformation a success. 


Together, let's agilize your management models and engage your employees to make your transformation a success.



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