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Using data to drive disruption

Together, we can refocus your new business model on data, making it a key ingredient in the success of your platform company

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Platform companies live and breathe data. It is used to continuously improve the customer experience, but also to align the entire ecosystem. For optimal use of data, three major challenges must be met. The platform company must know how to use and analyse the data. Next, its circulation within the ecosystem must be controlled, guaranteeing optimal security in keeping with current regulatory issues.

At Sopra Steria Next, we think data is an indispensable tool for winning and retaining customers, if the company is successful in aligning ethics with regulations. This is a major lever of disruption for traditional companies. Our consultants help you establish how to manage and structure data, and promote its circulation to enhance the use of information and insights.

Promoting the circulation of information

For a platform company to leverage the full potential of data, it must be able to flow freely within the ecosystem. Our consultants help you control the traceability of all exchanges between players in your ecosystem, and to deploy real-time and responsive data architectures to help keep data flowing more freely.

Organising information governance

Using and sharing data are sensitive topics that must be properly managed within the platform company. So we work with you to organise your frameworks and their life cycles with respect to regulatory constraints and your partners. We help you design this data architecture pragmatically through a performance- and efficiency-based approach.

Enhancing information use

To optimise data use, the platform company must facilitate and release the way it is used within the ecosystem. It is critical to stop limiting the use of new technology, such as artificial intelligence and RPA, to data processing in the experimental stages. Our consultants help you to industrialise and deploy your data use to optimise your model and identify new opportunities.


Together, we can refocus your new business model on data, making it a key ingredient in the success of your platform company.

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