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Sopra Steria and TfL develop world-leading traffic management system to keep London moving

The innovative software generates rapid alerts for TfL by analysing large volumes of data on factors like road accidents, traffic congestion and roadworks.

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With INA, Sopra Steria and Telefónica are propelling the telecommunications industry into the quantum era and revolutionising network management

Leveraging the Azure Quantum solution, Sopra Steria and Telefónica are harnessing the latest breakthroughs in quantum technology to optimise telecoms networks in Germany.

InfrateX Consortium led by Sopra Steria awarded Simpl – a major multiple Framework contract by European Commission’s DG CONNECT

The aim of the Simpl framework is to simplify cloud-to-edge federations and data spaces and generate interoperability between heterogeneous data services.

Sopra Steria integrates generative AI tools into its development platforms

Generative AI has the potential to significantly impact productivity and performance in a number of areas. Sopra Steria is ramping up its investments in artificial intelligence.