Our commitments as a responsible company

In order to tackle the immense challenges of societal and environmental transformation we work with all our stakeholders. Our employees are the source of our strength and our ability to get things done. Our clients are the reason we innovate and embrace change. With our partners, we develop tech-driven solutions to create a more sustainable world. We take our suppliers with us on our journey, and our shareholders are firmly behind our corporate project.

Cyril Malargé

CEO, Sopra Steria Group

A sustainable, human‑centred, and guiding contribution

At Sopra Steria, we firmly believe that digital technology can create opportunity and progress for all. Our approach to corporate responsibility is based on the mission that Sopra Steria set for itself: “Leverage digital technology to build a positive future for all.”

We see our contribution as sustainable, people-centric, and guiding.

  • Sustainable: Our actions – whether in running our businesses or helping our clients with their digital transformation – are part of a long‑term approach.
  • People-centric: Our activities are focused on implementing projects that foster digital inclusion, equal opportunity, and social open‑mindedness.
  • Guiding: Our contribution is rooted in our ability to anticipate, understand, and convey the challenges posed by digital technology so as to be able to assess better their impact on our clients’ sustainability issues and everyday life for all.

We strive to get innovation working for as many people as possible, and we want to help make the world more sustainable by rallying all of our stakeholders to the cause.

Taking a new look at our company

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Taking a new look at our company

Corporate responsibility means taking a new look at our company: through the lens of its social and environmental responsibility, its community commitment, and the way it interacts with its markets.

As an international group operating in many countries, we play a big role in helping to create a more sustainable world by onboarding all our stakeholders.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure our financial development and long-term future, at the same time as considering our impact on society locally and globally.

The Group has long been committed to combatting discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. We foster a caring environment that encourages and facilitates social inclusion and collective harmony. We take care to recruit employees from a broad diversity of backgrounds and ensure that we treat everyone fairly.

As an international company, it is important to reduce our environmental impact, particularly our emissions from energy and business travel.

But we want to go further than that with our programme targeting net zero emissions. To achieve this goal, we require all stakeholders in our value chain to commit to reducing the environmental impact of their business. We also help our clients to address sustainable development challenges as an integral part of their digital transformation projects.

Behaving responsibly also implies a duty of solidarity towards the communities in the countries where we operate. So, we work with vulnerable sections of society so that they can have access to digital technology, education, and employment. And what’s more, we also work on facilitating water conservation.

In providing our services on a day-to-day basis, compliance with the highest standards of business ethics is a prime requirement, and one we also demand from our clients, suppliers and partners, because together we create a virtuous circle.

Every day, our management team, departments, and employees strive to achieve excellence in fulfilling the Group's corporate responsibility commitments.

We interact with our entire ecosystem to ensure that these commitments deliver value for everyone, with the shared goal of making a positive contribution to creating a more sustainable world.

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Corporate Responsibility Advisory Board

Guiding our corporate responsibility commitments

Since 2015, this advisory body has provided external feedback on the Group’s approach to corporate responsibility. It currently comprises five external experts: Patrick Bourdet, founder of Areva Med and executive consultant; Jan Corfee-Morlot, expert in environmental and climate issues previously employed with the OECD and the IPCC; Mark Maslin, Professor of Climatology at University College London; Frédéric Tiberghien, honorary member of France’s Council of State, Chairman of FAIR, and ORSE; and Marie-Ange Verdickt, company director working with institutions that champion social development.




Axelle Lemaire
Axelle Lemaire
Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development