Our values

Openness and curiosity

We encourage audacity, curiosity and responsibility to explore new avenues and exploit innovative technologies that will enable transformations to be carried out for the benefit of all. 

Team spirit

Beyond technologies, we are convinced that collective intelligence, an alliance between team spirit and everyone’s talent, contributes to transforming and advancing the world in a sustainable manner, beyond technologies.

Willingness to act positively

We want to make innovation useful to as many people as possible and propose sustainable solutions with positive impacts that integrate interactions between digital and society in a responsible and ethical manner. 

Customer focus

We are committed to working with our customers over the long term to develop their performance and enable them to go even further through our in-depth knowledge of their business sector and innovative technologies.

Professional excellence

We offer our visionary, global approach and extensive know-how to guide our customers, partners and employees towards bold choices and enable them to transform opportunities into tangible and sustainable results.

Respect for others 

We are convinced that the collective is a strength, that the best solutions are found together. This is why we adopt a position of listening and being close to our customers, partners and employees.