Sopra Steria Migration and Modernisation Services for Google Cloud

Revitalise your business with Google Cloud technologies

Reinventing customer experience, improving operational efficiency, and creating new products and features are at the agenda of any wide digital transformation journey. More than ever, faster time to market, native scalability of applications, innovation are the new norms, while security and integration with both external and internal systems remains some key imperatives.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Google Cloud Managed Service Partner, Sopra Steria helps organizations to support migration and modernization activities towards Google Cloud technologies. Sopra Steria offers a comprehensive, value-led and flexible approach to unlock value from your prior investments.

Sopra Steria Migration and Modernization Services for Google Cloud includes:

  • Discovery: Collection, inventory and processing of information related to your IT assets or Business Capabilities
  • Assessment and Roadmap: Iterative analysis, definition of the different evolution scenarios and associated business case, sharing the roadmap and recommendations
  • Migration Strategy and Execution: from selection criteria to deployment
  • Modernisation: making the minimal changes, or restructuring and optimizing the code, to the complete redesign or rewrite the application component
  • Post-transformation: Observation, Handover

With Sopra Steria Migration and Modernisation Services for Google Cloud, improve your business agility, take advantage of scalable services to grow your business, and access easily to data for providing new personalised services.


Find out our customer cases:



Part of its 2023 datacenterless strategy, Adeo, a leading company in the DIY and home improvement market, has decided to move its information system to Google Cloud. This transformation, led in 2020, includes the migration and modernization of its SAP BO workload, supporting more than 10,000 users, 800 universes and more than 160,000 documents and used by 26 BUs, widespread on 3 continents.

Sopra Steria Teams have proceeded to the:

  • Assessment of the scope of the project
  • Realization of a MVP
  • Design, implementation of an automated platform based on a scalable 3-tier architecture based on Google Cloud CE
  • SAP BO migration, including a technology upgrade and the integration of previous configurations, users, security groups, and Universes.


  • Reduce the forecasted operations of maintenance in operational condition
  • Savings thanks to rightsizing activities
  • Enhanced security, aligned with Adeo DevSecOps framework


In order to respect new compliance relative to customs declaration, Metro AG, a German multinational company operating business membership only cash and carry stores, has decided to rejuvenate its BI system used by its hundreds of store in France. This transformation includes a data migration to Google Cloud and the development of new traceability, reporting and archiving features to facilitate activities of store Datawarehouse agents.

Sopra Steria Teams has performed the:

  • Design, implementation of a platform on Google Cloud
  • Development of new features
  • Data extraction from on-premise Datawarehouse to Google Cloud BigQuery datasets, and data security
  • Automation from RPA

Platform management and traceability with Google Cloud Stackdriver Benefits:

  • Pay-per-use model, allowing to reduce initial on-premise fixed costs
  • Simplification of the monthly customs declaration
  • Traceability and archiving aligned with regulation

Take advantage of Google Cloud Technologies with Sopra Steria:

  • 200 people trained on Google Cloud
  • Over 75 Google Cloud certifications
  • Google Cloud Premier partnership level
  • Member of the MSP initiative
  • Anthos Reseller Initiative
  • Looker Partner