Sopra Steria Financial Services Analyst Day

Sopra Steria a organisé son Financial Services Analyst Day le 17 mars dernier. Cet événement virtuel était dédié aux analystes du marché. 

Notre équipe dirigeante et nos experts ont présenté et illustré notre ambition et notre stratégie d'offre sur le marché des services financiers. Sopra Steria a également souligné l'importance de l'innovation et de la gestion de l'écosystème à travers des cas d'usage.


Why this Event by Sopra Steria ? by Cyril Malargé, Group CEO

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Why this Event by Sopra Steria ? by Cyril Malargé, Group CEO

Cyril Malargé, Sopra Steria Group CEO
Hello everyone. I am Cyril Malargé, CEO of Sopra Steria Group and I'm delighted to welcome new and to be part of this analyst day focusing on financial services. The Group covers eight key vertical markets including two priorities financial services and difference in security. Firstly, I would like to explain why the financial services sector is both unique and strategic for our Group. Above all, it's one of the Group's most important sectors.Today, it represents 30% of the Group's revenue compared with 25% five years ago. Therefore, it is a sector that continues to experience rapid growth. This sector combines all our consulting, integration, BPU and software expertise so we can offer our customers a genuine evaluated and an end to end offering. And this means we are at the avantgarde of this industry. Suddenly, if we take a step back, this sector was the reason the group focused on software sets over 50 years ago and is the very hallmark hallmark of the very close relationships we have built with our customers. To conclude, I would like to speak about the importance of having a constructive and ongoing relationship with you and explain why working with analysts is essential for me and moreover for the Group. Our core business is to guide our customers through their digital transformation with full knowledge of their legacy system. This transformation has a major impact and is particularly challenging in this financial services industry. You, as market analysts are part of this ecosystem and I would even say you are the market makers. You have a very strong impact on your customers who are IT and tech companies like us, but also I would call users, I mean the large accounts that are our customers.We need to strengthen our relationship to further discussion with you, but also to listen to your insight, your visions, your predictions and your recommendations. We need to incorporate you into our strategy and our roadmap to leverage your key insight and your market knowledge. I really hope you will enjoy this event. I will now give the floor to Nicolas. Thank you very much.

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Directeur Général des Services Financiers, Sopra Steria