Aerospace: a sector with considerable challenges

The Aerospace industry must accelerate the transformation of its model under the combined effect of the impacts of the COVID crisis, new customer expectations and the application of new technologies. The imperatives of decarbonisation, flexibility and performance of the industrial system as well as the need for excellence in the customer/traveller experience generate a complex equation to solve. Aeronautical players have to offer more services, more comfort, more safety, more fluidity, while being more efficient.

Companies in the sector therefore face three strategic imperatives:

  • Invent the aircraft (or space) of tomorrow,
  • Drastically reduce the time-to-market,
  • Ensure maximum flexibility of their industrial tool and their supply chain.

To achieve these objectives, they can activate the following five levers:

  • Design new systems in a global way, taking into account their life cycle,
  • Ensure a true digital continuity between design, operations and services,
  • Substantially renovate their legacy information systems and prepare them for further digitalisation,
  • Increase collaboration in the ecosystem,
  • Ensure the continuous acquisition and training of talent.

Aeroline, the essential partner

At Sopra Steria, our teams combine in-depth expertise in the aerospace business with a high level of knowledge of information systems and digitalisation. They are brought together in a dedicated organisation, Aeroline. This organisation has the best experts and project managers focused on the critical functions of the sector: Engineering, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Maintenance and Services. A team dedicated to Air Traffic Management is also part of this organisation.

More than 4,500 employees, located in 6 countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, India, Belgium) have been supporting our customers for several years and work closely with their teams in the field. Aeroline provides a comprehensive range of complementary know-how: Consulting, Systems Integration, Infrastructure and Cloud, Cybersecurity and Software Publishing. These skills enable us to offer our customers an integrated approach to their transformation.

Specific offers to support our clients in their transformation challenges:

  • Product Lifecycle Management, with our subsidiary CIMPA and our partners Dassault Systèmes  and Siemens Software
  • ERP framing and implementation with SAP solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI-Powered Aerospace
  • Decarbonised aviation

Dedicated value propositions for critical functions in the Aerospace sector:

Engineering Performance
Supply Chain 4.0
Maintenance and Services
Air Traffic Management
Product Lifecycle Management

Watch the video dedicated to Aeroline

Sopra Steria Aeroline

Title: Sopra Steria - Aeroline

Voice over:
In this changing world, the aerospace industry is facing unprecedented challenges. New design strategies, flexible operations, cost efficiency, decarbonation and digitalization. Aeroline is Sopra Steria’s dedicated organization to support and spearhead our aerospace customers transformation and optimisation projects. Our four and a half thousand high level professionals are located in six countries to work closely with our international clients. Our teams are committed to delivering high value services to increase efficiency and implement new operating models.

Voice over:
At Aeroline, we stand by our clients to find the best combination between technologies and people. Our goal is to significantly improve value chain performance while addressing security and quality requirements. With over 15 years of experience meeting the demands of a global ecosystem of key aerospace players, we provide a complete services portfolio. Our offer focuses on industry critical functions engineering, manufacturing and supply chain, maintenance and services, and air traffic management. We deliver large scale strategic ERP and PLM programs using state of the arts solutions.

Voice over:
At Aeroline, we always strive to go the extra mile and are fully committed to providing tangible and sustainable results. Thanks to a large breadth of skills and expertise, Aeroline is the trusted partner to prepare the world of tomorrow. Aeroline reshape the future of aerospace together.


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