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Opening up new technological opportunities to the energy sector

Inventing energy of the future, today

The energy sector is facing a major transformation: directives set by all European countries come with a decarbonisation policy to break away from nuclear energy and move towards renewable and eco-responsible energies such as wind, photovoltaic, hydraulic and biomethane. Consumers are also increasingly anxious to benefit from responsible energy at the best price and are becoming producers.  With this in mind, energy production is becoming decentralised and players in the sector must rethink their operating methods while dealing with the opening up of their markets to competition.

Players in the energy sector need to overhaul their business model completely, moving from a management logic to one that builds loyalty and wins new customers. In this context, and given the digital transformation of the value chain, we must reinvent new models: Sopra Steria is committed to working with you to create the energy of the future together. 

Technological innovation supporting energy of the future

At Sopra Steria, we believe that the future of energy involves digitalisation and engineering to enhance industrial performance. Industry players must adopt a service- and customer experience-oriented approach to improve performance and build strong customer relationships. We support you over the long term with your transformation to take advantage of the best of innovation, such as Artificial Intelligence or the IoT, and thus become your "deep digital transformation partner".

Building a more innovative energy sector together

Sopra Steria’s know-how in the energy sector is reflected in virtuous partnerships with key players such as EDF, Veolia, ENGIE, Aker BP, EnBW and Enel. Through our combined offers (consulting, integration, infrastructure management, software), we offer you comprehensive support in all aspects of your ecosystem (production, transport, distribution and marketing). In particular, we develop an approach linked to the problems you encounter for each of the assets in the value chain: customer acquisition and experience, optimising industrial processes, transforming engineering, modernising distribution networks, internal change management (HR), and leveraging data.

Our local teams are committed and attentive to your needs and offer you agile, relevant and effective solutions. We draw on our multi-sector experience to support you creatively. At energy sector scale, this knowledge sharing is implemented in areas such as Cybersecurity, human-machine relations (Blockchain, new interfaces), maintenance (particularly through the PLM offer of our CIMPA subsidiary) and HR and real estate solutions.

Technological innovation and know-how for new energy

Sopra Steria guides you through your digital transformation by combining relevant technological innovation with proven know-how. Taking into account all aspects of change in the energy sector and their technological, economic and human impact, we provide you with effective solutions that meet your objectives over time.


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