Disclosure of compensation of executive company officers in accordance with the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF Code

At its meeting on 21 February 2024, having heard the recommendations of the Compensation Committee, the Board of Directors of Sopra Steria Group decided that, pursuant to targets set, the AVC (Annual Variable Compensation) of the Chief Executive Officer, Cyril Malargé, in respect of financial year 2023 is as follows:

Executive management – details of calculation method for 2023 variable compensation

CriterionTypePotential amount as % of AVC 1 Potential amount in €ThresholdTargetPerformanceAmount assigned
Marge opérationnelle d’activité consolidéeQuantifiable50,0%€150,0008,9%9,3%9,4%€150,000
Croissance du chiffre d’affaires consolidéQuantifiable10,0%€30,0003,0%6,0%6,6%€30,000
Féminisation du management du Groupe
(% de femmes dans les deux positions hiérarchiques les plus élevées N5 & N6)
Quantifiable5,0%€15,00019,0%20,0%> 20,0%€15,000
Réduction des émissions directes de GES2 par employé (SBTi III)3
(eq. tonne CO2)
< 0,69
Objectif qualitatif  lié aux nécessités induites par le projet stratégique et l’organisation opérationnelleQualitatif30,0%€90,000  Target met at around 90%€80,000
Total 100,0%€300,000   €290,000

[1] AVC: Annual variable compensation
[2] GHG: Greenhouse gas
[3] Science Based Targets Initiative. Initiative.

The Board of Directors approved the total amount of €290,000.

For information: :

  • Performance criterion were applied as planned when established on 15 March 2023. No amounts are due at the threshold value and the calculation is linear between the threshold and the target;
  • Total compensation is compliant with the compensation policy and contributes to the Company’s long-term targets. It encourages management to steer profitable growth, based on a value ramp-up of the Group’s services;
  • Qualitative targets encouraged management to focus efforts on priorities required by the strategic plan and operational organisation.
  • The Nomination, Governance, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Committee noted that the Company is on track to achieve the targets set for greenhouse gas emissions and that it has already achieved its 2025 targets relating to boosting the proportion of women in senior management positions at the Group (% women in the two highest echelons of the organisation). The Compensation Committee also noted this.