Disclosure of compensation of executive company officers in accordance with the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF Code

At its meeting on 2 April 2024, the Board of Directors approved the following structure related to the annual variable compensation of the Chief Executive Officer, Cyril Malargé, in respect of financial year 2024:

CriterionTypePotential amount as % of AVC  1 Potential amount as % of AFC 2 Potential amount in €
Consolidated operating margin on business activityQuantifiable40.0%24.0%€120,000
Consolidated revenue growthQuantifiable20.0%12.0%€60,000
Environmental criteriaQuantifiable5.0%3.0%€15,000
Criterion of proportion of women in senior management positions at the GroupQuantifiable5.0%3.0%€15,000
Qualitative targets consistent with the Group’s strategy and organisation and/or the assessment of the company officer’s performanceQualitative30.0%18.0%€90,000
Total 100.0%60.0%€300,000

[1]AVC: Annual variable compensation
[2] AFC: Annual fixed compensation

Once the schedule for completing the planned disposal of most of Sopra Banking Software’s activities to Axway Software is confirmed, the Board of Directors will set specific targets in accordance with the criterion set forth above.