Information on the remuneration of Sopra Group’s Deputy CEO, published pursuant to the June 2013 AFEP-MEDEF Code of Corporate Governance for listed companies

Paris, 16 January 2014 
The Board of Directors of Sopra Group, at its meeting today chaired by Pierre Pasquier, approved the appointment of Vincent Paris as Deputy CEO of the Group.
Vincent Paris, aged 49, joined Sopra Group in 1987 straight after graduating from the prestigious École Polytechnique, and has spent his entire career with the Group, with the exception of a brief period at an IT subsidiary of Vivendi.
After starting out in Sopra Group’s Banking & Finance division, he held several different leadership positions in the French provinces. In 2006, he became head of the Public Sector division, and from 2010 onwards he supervised all the Group’s Paris-based divisions. Since 2011, Vincent Paris has been a member of the Executive Committee and directs Sopra Group’s business activity in France.
Under the terms of his appointment, effective immediately, Vincent Paris will assume extensive operational and functional responsibilities alongside the Chief Executive Officer. This appointment is consistent with the strategic project and strengthens Sopra Group’s governance.
With respect to Vincent Paris’ status and remuneration, after consulting with the Compensation Committee, the Board of Directors unanimously resolved:
  • not to terminate Vincent Paris’ employment contract, which will therefore be suspended for the duration of his time in office;
  • to pay Vincent Paris €300,000 in fixed annual compensation on a 13 month per year basis, effective from 1 January 2014;
  • to maintain the rules for determining his variable compensation, which may equal up to 40% of his fixed annual compensation when personal and collective targets are met, and up to 60% in the event of excellent performance;
  • to provide Vincent Paris with a company car as well as computing and telecommunications equipment, according to relevant company policy;
  • to authorise the reimbursement of his documented expenses for travel and representation purposes;
  • to give Vincent Paris the possibility, where applicable, to have 50% of his company officer employment insurance (GSC) premiums covered.