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The documents you are about to review are intended to provide U.S. shareholders of Sopra S.A. (“Sopra”) with information relating to the proposed spin-off of a portion of the shares of Axway Software S.A. (“Axway”) by Sopra to its shareholders. You will be asked to vote on the distribution at Sopra's ordinary general shareholders' meeting to be held on June 8, 2011. The shares of Axway have not been, and will not be, registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933. These documents do not constitute an offer for value of any Axway shares in the United States or in any other jurisdiction. The transaction described in the documents you are about to review is a spin-off transaction and will not be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Welcome to the information site relating to the proposed spin-off transaction in which a portion of the shares of Axway will be distributed by its parent company, Sopra, to Sopra' shareholders. Sopra's shareholders will be asked to vote on the distribution at an ordinary general shareholders' meeting scheduled for June 8, 2011. If this distribution is approved, Axway will become a listed company. You may click on the following links for documents and information about the transaction. Please note that the distribution of these documents may be prohibited by law in certain jurisdictions, and Axway and Sopra do not authorize the use of these documents in any jurisdiction where such use would not be lawful.

Documents incorporated by reference in the U.S. Information Document (except certain excluded information referred to below) include:

The documents incorporated by reference (the “Documents Incorporated by Reference”) exclude certain information (the “Excluded Information”). Please refer to the U.S. Information Document for a description of the Excluded Information. You should not rely on any Excluded Information and any references to the Documents Incorporated by Reference shall be deemed to exclude the Excluded Information.