ADEO reshapes its Data Platform with Cloud-based technologies

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ADEO is the leader in Europe and the world's third largest player in the home improvement and DIY market.

To sustain its strong growth, the company has laid the extension of its business on a Platform and Data strategy. To propel this ambitious plan, ADEO has decided to migrate its entire IT system into Google Cloud, applying a datacenterless strategy. Part of this transformation program, ADEO has awarded Sopra Steria Digital and Cloud Teams to lead the replatforming of its unique datawarehouse into a next-generation Data platform. This platform aims at establishing new foundations for enabling AI powered added services to the ADEO’s 150,000 leaders widespread into 20 countries. 

Data at the heart of ADEO’s retail activities

With a turnover of 32.4 billion euros in 2021 and a network of 1,000 points of sale, marketplaces and platform partnerships, ADEO distributes its solutions for a positive housing in 20 countries. Every day, the ADEO’s 150,000 employees make available in stores or online, the products and solutions useful for the projects of residents and housing professionals. Their modo is “We make home a positive place to live” helping inhabitants everywhere in the world to live in a healthy, secure, responsible, sustainable, economical and comfortable environment.

ADEO operates as a platform company, with 7 major retail brands, and is led by 3 main principles: an opened and connected organization to our partners; a technological infrastructure; an agile, data-driven culture.

Adeo has then established a Platform strategy and Data Transformation Plan aiming at bringing new decision-making tools powered by artificial intelligence to all its geographies. To enable this platform and data plan with cutting-edge solution, ADEO has decided to move its entire IT system into Google Cloud. This datacenterless approach has triggered the migration and modernisation of its existing datawarehouse and its 200,000 tables and views into Google Cloud environment.

ADEO has then selected Sopra Steria Digital and Cloud Center of Excellence Teams to contribute to this massive transformation program. Its target is to provide a centralised platform more industrialised, secure, scalable and ready for integrating a next generation of advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities.

Next-Generation data warehouse platform for empowering ADEO’s retail activities

Sopra Steria Teams have especially performed the replatforming of the datawarehouse and the associated change management in collaboration of ADEO Teams and its partner ecosystem. Sopra Steria Cloud and Data Services experts have first proceeded to the assessment of the scope of the project and created a first core platform with all the main industrialised building blocks to proof-test the business needs. Then, Sopra Steria’s Cloud architects and data engineers have designed, implemented an automated platform relying on Google Cloud technologies (BigQuery, CloudStorage, Compute Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud LoadBalancer, Cloud Filestore, and Cloud SQL). Regarding to the new data platform architecture, a special focus has been given to security and recovery plan. Representing 27 To of storage, the former Teradata system has then been migrated and modernised, including a technology upgrade and the integration of previous configurations, users, security groups, and universes. To accelerate the transformation without disrupting the usage of analytics features offered to the 150,000 ADEO leaders, the Sopra Steria Teams have also enabled Datometry’s database virtualization solution alongside tools such as Data Studio, Qlik, SAP BO and Tableau selected by countries.

The new Data Platform powered by Google Cloud technologies allows ADEO to provide faster access, to reduce operational maintenance and cost, and to get a scalable and carbon neutral storage and computing capabilities. This foundational transformation paves the way for future developments, including some machine learning features to unlock value and to offer better prediction.

ADEO, operating as a Platform company for its 7 retail brands, is convinced that its business must be powered by data. The replatforming of our datawarehouse is key milestone to allow our retail activities to benefit from decision-making tools enhanced by Artificial Intelligence. We are now looking forward to building new Data experience across all geographies. 
Laurent Ostiz, Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at ADEO



For the IT DepartmentFor Business Teams
  • High performance data computing and storage capacities, reducing the cost of maintenance
  • Native scalability capabilities and resources optimisation management, meeting ADEO’s high growth requirements and peak demands
  • Secure platform responding ADEO’s needs in terms of privacy and transparency 
  • Datawarehouse transformation program operated through a smooth transition plan, avoiding any disruption of services
  • Faster access to data for the 150,000 leaders, across the 3 continents and 20 countries
  • Enhanced carbon footprint of the Datawarehouse, thanks to Google Cloud Carbon neutral operations




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