Consum innovates at the speed of the business thanks to Cloud-native solution

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Consum is a leading cooperative supermarket chain in Spain with a workforce of 16,031 workers and more than 3.4 million of partner-customers. As the retail industry goes through a strong disruptive transformation all around the globe, Consum has started its digital transformation strategy in 2017 convinced that new emerging technology can help it: to offer more value to people, to gain in efficiency, to simplify its tasks and processes, and in fine to provide a better quality of service to its partner-customers.  

One of the important initiatives of its digital transformation has been the migration of its legacy systems and the building of a new «core» system. Having an open, versatile and modern architecture that uses industry standards, with a first "Cloud ready" maturity was the first foundation established by the cooperative supermarket chain.

To go further and accelerate its digital transformation, Consum has then selected Sopra Steria to enable and support a brand new Digital Platform for Innovation. Sopra Steria have first defined a multidisciplinary team across its Digital and Cloud Center of Excellence composed of agile and product-oriented profiles to optimise user experience, practitioners in Cloud-native technologies, in DevOps principles and tooling, but also technical expert in Red Hat Openshift.

An "end to end" approach for delivering innovation at the speed of the business

The creation of an efficient Digital Platform for Innovation involves a large spectrum of activities ranging from the definition, the building and deployment of the new architecture, but also its support and continuous improvement all along its lifecycle.

In a first phase, Sopra Steria has led the definition of the complete new Digital Platform for Innovation architecture including the selection of its components, the development of the common elements and working standards. After a 4-month MVP, the new platform has been deployed relying on a Red Hat Openshift, a business application development platform supporting the entire development pipeline.

 In a second phase, Sopra Steria Teams has then supported Consum's development teams in the relevant adoption and use of this platform. This new Digital Platform for Innovation based on an open and scalable architecture, has significantly help Consum’s team to reduce its time-to-market while improving software quality. 

In a third phase, Sopra Steria Teams ensure the continuous improvement of the platform, enhancing the agility and productivity of the development through code generator automation, or the software quality through the implementation of pipelines of security and automation regression test. It also encompasses new needs around event monitoring management, Red Hat OpenShift upgrade or application usage assessment.

“At Consum, we are committed to continuously add value to people, both partner-customers and workers. This digital transformation expends significantly our online store, improving user experience thanks to the new digital services and enabling teams with new cutting-edge tools and best practices.” Juan Luis DURICH - Managing Director


For IS Department

For Operation Teams

  • Modern platform responding to Consum's business challenges
  • Trusted partner able to enabling, deploying and improving a complete Digital Platform for Innovation and empowering people
  • Quality software and time-to-market improvement
  • Digital Platform for Innovation able to the management of large volumes of data
  • Scalable platform able to align automatically on the dynamics of the retail business
  • Flexible integration supported by automation

Key Figures

  • 457 shops and 311 franchises, 2,935 million revenue 
  • 13.4 million Innovation budget
  • 350+ applications running in 4 different environments
  • 4,500,000 transactions per day.