Offer customers online grocery shopping with home delivery in Italy

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The Client is a Supermarket chain which specializes in smaller size retail locations enabling the company to deliver both the assortment and quality assurance characteristic of large distributors and the experience of a local shop. The Client counts over 200 stores in Italy, acounting for directly operated stores and franchising across all the company brands. In 2016, the Client became the first supermarkets to partner with Amazon to offer customers online grocery shopping with home delivery.


The Client is undertaking a digital transformation program and chose Sopra Steria as a strategic partner to help them define a Digital Transformation Roadmap.


Building on this insight we have been able to define the target digital operating model and develop a credible cost case to inform strategic decisions.

The digital operating model is divided in 5 key areas: eCommerce & Website, Mobile App, CRM, Content, In-Store Technology.

For each area the team identified a number of tactical initiatives instrumental to deliver customer value, either directly or acting as key enablers. These initiatives have then been prioritized (how – weighting positive business impacts and strategic importance versus cost, complexity and organizational readiness).

For each area we have identified: List of projects and initiatives to start in 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, expected positive impact of each initiative, technological impact, interested divisions within the company, expected cost, detailed plan. In the process of defining the customer journey the team has considered the dependencies existing among different projects, as well as the impact on cash flow and organizational resources that the company will have to bear over the course of the transformation program.


To deliver this project Sopra Steria used its proved methodology, identifying key insight from an high level analysis and increase granularity to define low level operational tasks. This approach allowed us to deliver a complete detailed program plan in just 3 months.



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