How GEODIS’ data strategy automates performance monitoring in a new logistics era

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Logistics giant GEODIS has built an entirely new data strategy to automate its performance monitoring, positioning it to leverage the full potential of the new information ecosystem era.

Driving a data-first digital transformation

Driving a data-first digital transformation

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Speaker:  Benoit TIERS

Finance performance management used to be a laborious. Now, our new data strategy means it's automated, fast and a powerful business advantage.

GEODIS is a leading global logistics provider with a global network spanning nearly 170 countries and some 50,000 employees

GEODIS is ranked number 6 in its sector across the world. We are a data-centric company and we are determined to become even more so. The Managing Accounting Blueprint project, or MAB, is a key step on this journey. 

Speaker:  Cécile BOURRELY

Many regional divisions use their own enterprise resource planning systems meaning analysing the business unit performance on a group level was a real time-consuming process.

GEODIS decided to the launch the global performance management programme and we commissioned Sopra Steria to work with us on setting up an entirely new data architecture and its associated processes.

Speaker:  Emilie DOZIER

The new MAB system is possible thanks to our common architecture, processes and master data.

Now, we are all speaking the same language. It brings us more automation in our reporting process easing performance monitoring and freeing up more time for data analysis. 

Speaker:  Cécile BOURRELY

The construction of this new data strategy is a key step in our digital transformation and one we could not have achieved without Sopra Steria. They were strong partners, providing a real vision  for the project and helping us co-construct our new assets.

GEODIS people brought there internal knowledge and combined with Sopra Steria data expertise we truly created an agile mindset which is now a game changer to support our digital ambitions.

This project also proved to our internal stakeholders the power and the potential of data.

In just two years we have built the foundation of an entirely new data strategy that enables us to respond even more efficiently to our clients' needs.

Digital transformation for a corporate giant 

GEODIS is a leading global logistics provider acknowledged for its expertise across all aspects of the supply chain. With a global network spanning nearly 170 countries and more than 49,400 employees, GEODIS is ranked no. 6 in its sector across the world. The company is expanding rapidly, with revenues having grown by almost a fifth year-on-year in 2022. 

It is structured around five business lines; Global Freight Forwarding, Global Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, Supply Chain Optimization and European Road Network. 

The company has grown in part through international acquisition, meaning that many of its regions retained their original Enterprise Resource Planning systems rather than migrate to a centralised structure. 

Data strategy: investing in the future 

The logistics industry is in the midest of a rapid and comprehensive transformation and data can dramatically enhance business performance, not only responsively, but also predictively. The data revolution offers logistics companies the opportunity to provide faster, more efficient services to their clients and end-users. Moreover, the sector is in massive transformation as new pure digital players enter the market, threatening the market share of established providers who fail to leverage the potential of their data. 

GEODIS is a data-centric company and determined to become even more so. As part of this transformation, GEODIS launched its Global Performance Management Program and commissioned Sopra Steria to create an entirely new data architecture, process, and governance system, as the foundation of its new data strategy. 

The Management Accounting Blueprint project was a key part of this and sought to provide global and regional teams with a single, consistent interface to enable them to better evaluate business performance. 

Thanks to this common architecture, process and master data, much of the performance reporting process is now automated, allowing more time for data analysis and providing better-informed business decisions. 

Finance performance management used to be laborious. Now our new data strategy means it’s automated, fast and a powerful business advantage.

Benoit TIERS


From information systems to information ecosystem

From information systems to information ecosystem

GEODIS - Client Stories


Speaker:  Benoit TIERS

We are at a dawn of a new data era the transition from information systems to information ecosystem.

Data is the cornerstone of today's logistics sector and effective systems architecture is critical to managing the growing complexity of this industry.

All company business units must be able to speak a common language and be able to exchange information easily and effectively throughout their ecosystem.

For GEODIS this project is fundamental to our strategic plan Ambition 2027 and Sopra Steria is a key partner in this transformation.

Not only to frame, transform and industrialise our data architecture but also to support our teams as they manage this change.

Industrialisation and democratisation of big data 

GEODIS launched its partnership with Sopra Steria with four clear objectives: improve company performance; strengthen and optimise performance reporting on all business levels; construct and roll out an entirely new data infrastructure; and successfully onboard business units to transition to this single, unified Enterprise Resource Planning tool. 

GEODIS sought in Sopra Steria a partner with comprehensive data knowledge, both strategically, to understand the potential applications and conceptualise the structure of the solution, and operationally, with the technical capacity to build a new structure that would industrialise financial data management. 

Previously, each ERP system used its own data labelling, therefore the core challenge was to unify and harmonize the definition of each data set for more than 100 referentials throughout all regions. This meant data was consistent and comparable and all business units were speaking a common language. 

The first step, gathering the raw financial data into a centralised data pool, was completed in just six months – a remarkably quick turnaround - before then being transformed into a series of financial indicators, which could be visually represented. 

Parallel to the creation of the data infrastructure, Sopra Steria worked hand-in-hand with GEODIS to adapt their internal business mindset to incorporate Agile methodology, essential to their digital transformation. 


Company-wide application potential 

The new MAB system had a staged roll-out to GEODIS business units internationally, first to nine units less than 18 months after the project was first launched, then to a total of 71 six months later. 

A total of 170 GEODIS teams now have access to the MAB’s financial performance reports, such as P&L dashboards, with more set to benefit as the project continues. The MAB interface has already been used in 3 business performance reviews.

The MAB project has automated much of the reporting process, easing performance monitoring and freeing up time for higher-value data analysis, and providing a more robust base for business decision-making. 

For GEODIS, the potential of the project reaches far beyond only financial management. The project has laid the foundations of an entirely new data strategy that puts data at the heart of the company’s operations. 

Having such control of data can be applied to all manner of business functions, dramatically improving not only internal performance but also the services offered to third-party external logistics clients. 

It also opens up the potential for data to become not only responsive but a critical predictive tool. 

  • 17 months from project launch to roll out to first users
  • 49,400 GEODIS staff employed worldwide
  • 6th largest logistics company in the world
The Agile mindset was a key part of this journey, helping GEODIS construct its data architecture, which is already becoming a foundation for its future growth.


Global Delivery Manager Data Transport, Sopra Steria

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Julien Boudey

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