MIMIRO brings farmers of the future in the Cloud

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MIMIRO is a Norwegian, independent technology company established by both Tine, the largest Norwegian dairy product cooperative consisting of around 15,000 farmers and 5,600 employees and Felleskjøpet Agri, a cooperative owned by about 44,000 farmers in Norway.

MIMIRO develops digital solutions for helping farmers to support more effective and environmentally-friendly food growth and production process. MIMIRO has decided to create some new applications leveraging Internet of Things, Data, Machine Learning and Security services. To design, implement and enable this solution relying on AWS Cloud innovative capabilities, MIMIRO have selected Sopra Steria.

Next-Generation data analysis and decision-making tools to improve farmers’ efficiency 

MIMIRO's main goal is to create a smarter agriculture and increase the competitiveness of agriculture, farmers and food production. The company has been recognized by the Norwegian Agricultural Innovation Award in 2019. In this perspective, MIMIRO aims at building digital products for farmers that have simple interfaces and provide greater insight that helps them to continually improve their production. 

These products free farmers’ data from application silos, exposing its value and making it available and actionable. They rely on data platform and machine learning services, enabling the easy sharing and reuse of high-quality data in the agriculture industry. In 2020, MIMIRO has launched new apps for the Norwegian farmers, simplifying the registration and the insight in order to continuously improve the milk production. These apps first collect thanks to IoT devices all the data that farmers create, relative to the animal card, health and its milk production metrics. Then, MIMIRO has established a digital ecosystem of anonymized data that researchers, consultants and external service providers can get access to, in order to provide smart agriculture services back to farmers. To build these robust and scalable solutions, MIMIRO has invited Sopra Steria Cloud Center of Excellence Teams to join the program when starting up the company. 

Better prediction and productivity thanks to Data, Machine Learning

From a technology perspective, MIMIRO has decided to leverage standard components from cloud-based services in area such as the Internet of Things, Data, Machine Learning and Security services. Sopra Steria multi-disciplinary Teams have then focused their efforts on two major components of the program: the OpenFarm project, and on the establishment of a DevOps and a cloud platform based on AWS. 

Sopra Steria especially assists with the:

  • Establishment of business architecture framework for decision support and processes
  • Revision of the platform architecture, and the recommendations and measures to meet the business' goals
  • Information architecture, the development of models and concepts for information
  • Map and design data flows between systems, and the creation of open APIs
  • Establishment of the DevOps platform based on AWS 
  • Establishment of a computer structure that can support a data lake and machine learning services
  • Performing of risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Implementation of GDPR analyzes and measures to comply with the guidelines
  • Program management and implementation

This new solution allows MIMIRO’s ecosystem to easily integrate and distribute events from and to its source systems, and to drive asynchronous real-time data processing, and an integration pattern for event sourcing between micro-services. Based on AWS Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) service, the solution facilitates the development teams to produce milk events, and then to process and distribute them into other business domains.

“MIMIRO aims at building the most flexible, cost-effective and future-oriented solution for improving the Norwegian agriculture, farmers and food production community. Thanks to these new Apps and digital solutions, we give farmers a better control over their production and income across the entire value chain on the farm”. Christian Schøyen, CEO, at MIMIRO.



For the IS Department For Business Teams
  • On-demand capabilities, and scale up capacity aligned with business and cost reduction plan
  • Best-in-class DevOps practices and solution, facilitating frequent release and bug fixing
  • GDPR compliance, and risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Improved milk production apps, thanks to simplified registration and insight
  • Innovative services provided by the digital ecosystem open to researchers, farm advisors/consultants and external service providers
  • Environmental benefits due to reduced emissions from Cloud Services


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