Public transport in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region chose multimodal and sustainable mobility

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the largest region and the third most populous in France. In a context marked by climate change and the energy crisis, the region is innovating to offer Modalis, a multimodal transport experience, unified and focused on sustainable development , bringing together local public and private operators. This cutting-edge mobility service is based on an integrated Digital Mobility Solution, and is based on a multi-cloud platform. The “Nouvelle-Aquitaine Mobilités” joint association chose Sopra Steria to support it at all stages of the project: consulting, technological architecture, design, deployment and operation of the Digital Mobility Platform.

Public and private actors are joining forces to encourage multimodal and sustainable mobility in French territories.

With 6 million inhabitants, Nouvelle Aquitaine is the largest region in France composed of twelve departments over an area of 84,036 km2. The “Nouvelle-Aquitaine Mobilités” joint union brings together 35 local authorities and 40 transport networks around a common ambition, that of encouraging sustainable mobility services. The objective is to offer a unique multimodal and unified mobility experience to public transport users through a wide range of digital solutions such as: a mobile payment application, a unique mobility identity management system, a ticket pre-sale system, an online route planning tool, a price management system, or an e-commerce platform. This new experience is based on an integrated Digital Mobility Solution, bringing together all the transport services offered not only by its members, but also by third parties such as SNCF or soft mobility operators (bicycles, self-service vehicles). To make this new service offering available via this Digital Mobility Solution, the “Nouvelle-Aquitaine Mobilités” joint union (NAM) created the Modalis brand. NAM turned to Sopra Steria to oversee the design, integration, and operation of its Cloud Digital Mobility Solution.

A next-generation Digital Mobility Solution based on a multi-cloud platform

From a functional point of view, the Modalis solution facilitates users' access to mobility by breaking down barriers and unifying the various mobility services, such as passenger information, ticket pre-sales and after-sales service. It also offers the various members of the joint mobility union a unique space combining their respective transport offers (bus, carpooling, bicycles, self-service vehicles, train and tramway) with a flexible degree of integration. It constitutesis a true mobility hub that reinvents the user experience through simplified access, contactless payment, and a multimodal journey. To ensure the successful on-time launch of the solution, the teams of the Sopra Steria Digital and Cloud Center of Excellence and Transport experts accompanied the NAM teams at all stages of the project:

  • Consulting and choice of the technological solutions (MaaS platform on GCP, ticketing on AWS, etc.), definition of the overall architecture of the solution
  • Project management to ensure interoperability between stakeholders, companies and technology partners
  • Integration of the mobility account and the communication hub
  • Implementation of Modalis landing zones on Microsoft Azure,State-of-the-art managed services, including a modern Cloud Management Platform integratinges automated provisioning, observability, SRE, FinOps and security services.

With a solid experience in the transport sector, Sopra Steria’s teams deployed NAM’s Integrated Digital Mobility Solution, capitalizing on the “Sopra Steria Next-Gen Mobility” solution. The latter encompassesIt includes multiple capabilities: unique mobility identity management, mobile ticketing, open payments (EMV), data and analytics management, and management of APIs that interact with third-party modules (France Connect services, partner management, payment, fraud management) through communication hubs. Behind the scenes, the solution is operated in Microsoft Azure and relies on scalable Kubernetes managed services, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Concerning applications, the concepts of MACH (Micro-services, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) guided the application design. In addition, the principles of «Well-Architected Framework» underpinned the definition and deployment of the platform from an architecture point of view.
NAM’s Digital Mobility Solution offers a new transport experience and access to multiple soft mobility players. Users of the public transit system gain simplicity, efficiency, and safety, while benefiting from more sustainable mobility services.


“We believe that public transit should be user-centric.  Modalis, our new multimodal offering, offers a new experience to our hundreds of thousands of users thanks to its unique ticketing management system.  Faced with climate and energy challenges, this new service makes a major contribution to the economic and social life of our territories.” 
Jérôme Kravetz, Managing Director of Nouvelle-Aquitaine Mobilités in France. 



For the IS serviceFor teams
  • Interoperable Digital Mobility Solution compliant with standards of the French MaaS ecosystem
  • Highly transactional, scalable and best-in-class capabilities
  • Reduction of carbon emissions thanks to a multi-cloud platform (AWS, GCP, MS Azure), meeting the sustainability objectives of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region 

  • Practical and sustainable mobility services, thereby improving the transit user experience
  • Modular aggregation and flexible integration of the mobility offer of public transport operators
  • Improved knowledge and analysis of user behaviour