Wallenius Wilhelmsen is sailing in the Cloud

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The Wilhelmsen group operates the largest maritime network on the planet, with over 2,200 locations worldwide. In order to accelerate its pace of innovation, while reducing both IT cost management and carbon emissions, Wallenius Wilhelmsen has decided to move its complete IT landscape into the Cloud. With 9,500 employees, 130 cargo vessels, 120 processing centers for cars and heavy equipment, 15 trade routes on 6 continents, this IT landscape supports some critical IT processes.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Teams selected Sopra Steria to drive this massive transformation project. The agreement covers a comprehensive range of services including IT Transformation, IT and Cloud Operations, Service Desk and Security.

This massive transformation aims at leveraging Cloud Technologies, culture and innovative services, such as sensor technology, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and automation technology to develop new strategic workloads for accelerating Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s business expansion.

Accelerate its innovative expansion over the world, thanks to Sopra Steria Managed Services

In the digital age, reducing IT cost while increasing SLA and adapting security against new cyber risks are fundamental objectives for any enterprise evolving in a global market. Achieving them is critical.

In this context, the Wallenius Wilhelmsen IT department decided to team up with Sopra Steria, specialized in Digital Platform Services Consulting and Managed Services. This collaboration started with an optimized migration of its 120 critical business workloads into the Cloud (Microsoft Azure and temporary Oracle Cloud). In order to achieve its mission, Sopra Steria defined a 6-month transformation plan in 2020, including a customized cloud evolution strategy for each application relying on a lift and shift and extend approach and business cases. Specific attention has also been brought to the improvement of the existing landing zones with cutting-edge governance, observability and automation practices and tools.

For the second time, Sopra Steria's teams will progressively ensure the global delivery and management of the entire IT system, including application operations. To this purpose, Sopra Steria’s teams have implemented a multimodal delivery governance model, covering the areas of on-premise IT, Cloud Services and Global Service Desk. More than 3,000 end users are now supported in O365, and they leverage a 24/7 SPOC. This step will then provide a unified vision and quality of service, with the right services to each workload and end users.

In order to secure its business activities, Wallanius Wilhelmsen has also delegated its risk management and data security to the Sopra Steria SOC team. This encompasses the design, implementation and continuous management of security services relative to Wallanius Wilhelmsen’s needs in terms of compliance, cybercriminals or disloyal employee risks and business continuity.

“We want to be ahead of the wave of disruption. Therefore, we are deliberately using modern technology to gain a business advantage”. Totto Befring, Infrastructure Services Manager at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.


For the IS Department

For Business Teams

  • Business technologies and cloud transition risk control
  • Better insight into its cloud costs leading to cost reductions by 40%
  • A better scale-up capacity aligned with business
  • Cybersecurity in the digital era
  • Increased pace of innovation for supporting Industry 4.0, including IoT, 5G and autonomation
  • A global delivery model supporting International Development Plans all around the globe
  • Environmental benefits due to reduced emissions from data center aligned with a zero-emissions company objective

Key Figures 

9,500 employees

in 70 countries


critical business workloads

Seamless cloud transformation in

6 months


desktop & devices managed