Smart City: Sopra Steria launches a worldwide hackaton with IOTA

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Sopra Steria joins the challenge launched by IOTA and contributes to develop inter-city challenges

Sopra Steria teams up with IOTA (a German non-profit foundation, in order to boost innovations in the Smart City area. From 25th of March to 6th of April, the developer community from all over the world is invited to contribute to this hackaton aiming to solve inter-city challenges submitted by big companies.

 Sopra Steria, sponsor of the Smart District challenge

 Main goal: Developing integrated approaches for IoT and data infrastructure to securely store, sell, and access data streams across our urban environment.

Alexandre EICH-GOZZI - Global Blockchain Practice Leader - Sopra Steria: " Sopra Steria has a strong commitment to ensure the success of the DLT projects of all of our clients. We have the conviction that IOT and DLT are two complementary technologies and that smart cities and DLT will be strongly intertwined in the future. IOTA is one of the few platforms that delivers on their vision and we are happy to be part of this hackathon and contribute to making it a successful initiative.”

OTA Hackaton agenda

  • February: Definition of challenges by the participating Groups
  • 25th of February: Launch of the Hackathon and kick-off of the participations
  • 6th of April: Closing of submissions
  • 13th of April: Announcement of the winners of the Hackaton