COP26: together let's build a more sustainable world

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For the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, our experts in partnership with One Carbon World will be speaking at two conferences on November 8.


"Action for the climate and the environment has been at the heart of the Sopra Steria’s strategy for many years. The Group’s ability to anticipate and implement innovative initiatives ahead of the requirement has made us a corporate leader in the fight against climate change." Vincent Paris, CEO Sopra Steria.



Mon, Nov 08 at 09:30 AM : How can our business save our planet?

  • Miguel Naranjo (Programme Officer - UNFCCC)
  • John Neilson (CEO - Sopra Steria UK)
  • Graham O'Connell (Operations Director - FES GROUP)
  • Graeme Hannah (Head of Sustainability - ROBERTSON GROUP)
  • Jonas Dennler (Global Head of Sustainability - SAP)
  • Derek Harris (Business Ops Manager - SKYRORA)


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Mon, Nov 08 at 11:00 AM : Climate Science-Based Targets and what does it mean for your organisation

  • Miguel Naranjo (Programme Officer - UNFCCC)
  • Richard Jackson (Sustainability Director - UCL)
  • Siva Niranjan (Head of Climate & Environmental Sustainability - Sopra Steria)
  • Marcus Wagner (Global Environmental Lead, Sustainability - SAP)
  • Matthew De Villiers (CEO - GREENSTONEPLUS)

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For many years, Sopra Steria has positioned action for the climate and the environment at the heart of its strategy. In 2020, the Group committed itself to achieving "zero net emissions" by 2028, 22 years earlier than recommended by the UN and the EU, based on the tangible results obtained through the decarbonisation program it initiated nearly ten years ago.

At COP26, Sopra Steria is reaffirming its commitment to a more sustainable world.


Our experts

John Neilson

John Neilson

CEO Sopra Steria UK


Siva Niranjan

Head of Climate & Environmental Sustainability