Adaptive, Cognitive, Predictive: Sopra Steria anticipates threats with a SOC based on intelligence management and announces a partnership with ThreatQuotient


Businesses continue to be targets or victims of cyber threats: attacks on businesses tripled in 2016 from one every 2 minutes to one every 40 seconds. Confronted with growing cybercrime and the regulatory pressure put in place to deal with it, cybersecurity has become a requirement for organisations. To stay competitive, companies must speed up their digital transformation, while guaranteeing that their information assets are protected, in particular via an efficient security incidents detection system.

The new SOC: adaptive, cognitive and predictive 

Sopra Steria is a recognized as trusted provider for its managed SOC services, combining the best of technology and human intelligence to evolve its offer towards the orchestration of intelligence services in a “security intelligence” global approach.
Adaptive, the SOC is packaged according to a scalable offer on three levels -Fundamental, Premium, Exclusive- depending on the client’s context, ranging from a standard full-perimeter monitoring service to an exclusive offering that includes all high added-value services operated by Sopra Steria:  
  • vulnerability management,
  • behavioural analysis based on machine learning and cognitive intelligence based on the IBM Watson for Security solution, for which Sopra Steria is beta-tester in France,
  • threat intelligence based on the ThreatQuotient platform
  • Business contextualisation and prioritisation of incidents, brought about by GRC solutions (Governance, Risk & Compliance)

Partnership with ThreatQuotient ™ for intelligence management  

Sopra Steria has chosen ThreatQuotient ™, a leading player in threat intelligence platforms, for its real-time intelligence organisation and management strategy, which has become one of the keys to a SOC’s success. The increase in the quantity and complexity of threats requires fast action and, above all, a switch to a new era of anticipation by combining technical, technological, economic and geopolitical information.
“The ThreatQ platform is the driving force behind of our threat operations. Its Threat Library and workbench are key capabilities our SOC analysts and other security tools use to identify what adversaries are involved on a 1 Managed Security Service Provider given detected attack. Our day to day SOC activities are heavily focused on enriching the Intelligence attached to our customer’s adversaries to provide our customers with a full understanding of the risk mitigated by our service.” explains Antonin Hily, MSSP Director at Sopra Steria.  
“A Threat Intelligence Platform helps C-Level to integrate Security Operations feedbacks into their risk analysis and strategic planning activities.” says Cyrille Badeau, Regional Director Southern Europe for ThreatQuotient™. “Companies need more and more Intelligence driven services like the Threat Intelligence Platform. I strongly believe that classical Managed SOC offers will disappear in a short future in order to be replaced by Intelligence Driven SOC offers focused on Threats defence and Adversaries fight”.  

Agenda: International Cybersecurity Forum 2017 (ICF)

Sopra Steria will once again be present at the ICF, the European trade fair that is a reference in digital trust, on 24 and 25 January 2017 in Lille. The ICF 2017, which will focus on "Smarter security for future technologies", will bring together the cyber-ecosystem to share experiences and debates around the protection of cyberspace and the new uses of digital technologies. At its stand at FIC, Sopra Steria will emphasise its expertise in cyber-defence and new developments in its smart and predictive SOC, based in particular on the ThreatQuotient™ threat intelligence solution. Jean-Philippe Cassard, Head of Regulatory Compliance, will participate in a round table moderated by Laurent Charreyron on 25 January at 11:30 am, with the topic: “European regulation on personal data in practice”. 
Synopsis: “European regulation on personal data will come into force in May 2018. Then, it will apply each time a European resident will be directly concerned by data processing. What are the consequences for businesses ? For their contractors ? This will involve giving concrete examples to CIOs, CISOs and CILs of the measures to be taken to comply with the text. Audience: ISSM, security experts, It directors, security directors, risk managers” ThreatQuotient™ will also be present at the Sopra Steria stand to discuss Threat Intelligence and all the issues surrounding it. 
 1 Managed Security Service Provider
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Adaptive, Cognitive, Predictive: Sopra Steria anticipates threats with a SOC based on intelligence management and announces a partnership with ThreatQuotient

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