CIMPA and PTC announce a new cooperation within the framework of CIMPA Lab, the first ‘lab’ dedicated to PLM innovation


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PTC is making its ThingWorx platform available to CIMPA and CIMPA Lab. Dedicated to the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT), this ready-to-use technological platform allows users to develop and deploy smart, connected IoT solutions fast. ThingWorx has made it possible to build a production base for the digital twin of a production-chain model (or “Digital Twin factory”) developed by CIMPA.  

CIMPA Lab, the spearhead of CIMPA’s innovation approach, consists of a demonstration and facilitation room, an immersive room devoted to mixed-reality technologies, and a prototyping area. It is above all its capacity to mobilise and unite its experts from diverse backgrounds that enables CIMPA to position itself as an end-to-end PLM innovation partner. Its teams’ expertise in the latest technologies as well as their understanding of operational needs allow them to offer innovative, lasting and efficient solutions and to support digital transformation in the industrial sector. CIMPA and PTC support manufacturing and assembly industries, particularly in the fields of aerospace and defence, transport and energy.
“We are convinced of the value of PTC solutions and in particular the ThingWorx platform, which complements and enhances our skills in PLMS/SLM,” says CIMPA CEO Pierre Lopez. "This is a new phase in a long-standing relationship. It opens up numerous prospects in the field of connected objects and allows us to offer our clients solutions that are both innovative and cutting-edge in their field.” 
“We are thrilled to be adding a new dimension to our relationship with CIMPA within the framework of CIMPA Lab,” adds Damien Lyant, CEO of PTC France. “Through this alliance, we are also able to associate CIMPA’s vertical, cutting-edge expertise in overall IT project management, particularly in aerospace and defence, with our ThingWorx platform. This win-win combination will give our clients the necessary support to succeed in their digital transformation.” 
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CIMPA and PTC announce a new cooperation within the framework of CIMPA Lab, the first ‘lab’ dedicated to PLM innovation

CIMPA, a subsidiary of Sopra Steria and a key player in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) consulting and services, and PTC (NASDAQ: PTC), global supplier of PLM-based technologies and the Internet of Things, have announced their reinforced technical collaboration within the framework of CIMPA Lab. 

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