InfrateX Consortium led by Sopra Steria awarded Simpl – a major multiple Framework contract by European Commission’s DG CONNECT

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Sopra Steria has been awarded a major 4-year framework contract for Simpl by the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commissioni, as leader of InfrateX Consortium, with NTT Data as partner.

The aim of the Simpl framework is to simplify cloud-to-edge federations and data spaces and generate interoperability between heterogeneous data services. The InfrateX Consortium is proud to be one of the only two contractors selected for this multiple framework contract.

The objective of the contract is to develop a large-scale modular, interoperable and open-source smart European middleware platform to enable and facilitate the integration of data infrastructures and services. It aims to address the needs of the different data spaces and enable the realisation of the European Cloud Federation.

InfrateX Consortium, which is endorsed by Gaia-X, FIWARE, i-Share and BAIDATA, is built around a pan-European ecosystem of carefully selected diverse companies. Each of them with an important added value to ensure the success of Simpl’s implementation. This unprecedented collaboration brings together 26 partners from 14 European countries, including data space technology providers, ESN, Editors, Cloud Providers, Academics, Associations, Certification Service Providers and startups/SMEs to cover a broad operational spectrum:

  • Digital Services Companies: Sopra Steria, NTT Data, PwC, Cybernetica, sovity, wetransform, Software Quality Systems (SQS)
  • Cloud Providers: OVHcloud, CloudFerro, Telefonica
  • Software Providers: Clever Cloud, Docaposte, deltaDao AG, Cleyrop, Aleia, BYO Networks, Innovalia, Dawex, Fair & Smart, Ponder Source, Innovalia
  • Researchers & Technology Organisations: ITI, IMEC
  • Associations: CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe), Digital New Deal, Eclipse Foundation, Hub France IA
  • Countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Austria.

Built on the principles of a European trustworthy, integrated, and sovereign infrastructure InfrateX is committed to supporting DG CONNECT in its ambition for Simpl and to build a better future for the European digital economy. Aligned with the European motto “United in Diversity”, our consortium purposefully intends to adopt an open, pragmatic, and collective approach, finding a perfect echo in the open-source philosophy of the European Commission.

"Sopra Steria’s involvement in SIMPL is at the core of our values and positioning around transparency, sustainability, and data security. Through this participation, we take pride in bringing together a European ecosystem in collaboration with other public and private stakeholders, in order to create cutting-edge data management solutions and support our continent’s innovation and competitiveness," says Laurent GIOVACHINI Sopra Steria Deputy CEO

The European Commission’s decision to award Infratex Consortium and Sopra Steria such an important and significant contract is a strong endorsement of our capability and expertise in the areas of Data and Cloud. By our active participation in Simpl, we are supporting the Commission’s key objective to create common European Dataspaces. We are proud to be a part of this journey.” says Michel LORGERE, Sopra Steria Benelux CEO.


i The European Commission’s DG CONNECT is responsible for developing and implementing policies to make Europe fit for the digital age. It is responsible for EU investment in research, innovation and development of critical digital technologies.


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InfrateX Consortium led by Sopra Steria awarded Simpl – a major multiple Framework contract by European Commission’s DG CONNECT


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