Promoting digital technologies for a more inclusive world

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Sopra Steria, a European leader in consulting, digital services and software publishing, announced the winners of the 4th Innovation Awards, a competition celebrating the creativity of its employees. Conducted this year in partnership with Microsoft France, the challenge was to mobilize collective intelligence around innovative projects, while being aligned with Sopra Steria’s ambition to leverage digital technology to build a positive future.

Organized every two years, the Innovations Awards allow all Sopra Steria’s employees to build creative and innovative technological solutions that respond to business and societal challenges.

For the latest edition, the awards competition considered more than 352 projects, 16 of which were shortlisted. A quarter of these shortlisted projects were designed to help disabled people, and 3 of the winning projects focused on handicap-related issues. More than ever, the Innovations Awards reflect Sopra Steria's commitment to digital technology in the service of a more inclusive society.

"Leveraging digital technology to build a positive future and to improve the inclusion of disabled people in society is one of Sopra Steria’s main commitments,” says Consuelo Bénicourt, director of social corporate responsibility at Sopra Steria. “It is a strong part of our DNA, and highlighting these innovations is our role. It is also our duty to provide the resources they need to make their vision a reality. This is why the Group is co-financing the development of these projects through its Mission Inclusivity initiative this year."

And the winners are…

  • MoveMe (Norway and Poland) – The award-winning project aims to use motion sensors connected to a mobile app to allow better mobility for people with cerebral palsy.
  • Pepperbotify4autism (France) – The disability award winning project builds on the abilities of social robot PEPPER to better communicate with young adults with autism.
  • Illumie (Norway) – The Microsoft Prize-winning Illumie project combines two technologies, augmented reality and computer vision, to help visually impaired people navigate unfamiliar environments.
  • C@se (France) – Joint 2nd prize – Currently, only part of security processes is evaluated during the R&D phases (code review, vulnerability monitoring, etc.). This is clearly not enough! C@se aims to include the evaluation of system security in the continuous integration processes.
  • Luxor (France) – Joint 2nd prize – Distinguishing the true from the false concerning the origin of a product can be complicated, especially in the second-hand market where there are plenty of counterfeits. Luxor was designed to help make this distinction, to know with certainty the origin of a product and to buy new products in complete safety.


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Promoting digital technologies for a more inclusive world


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