Sopra Steria and Pelico enter into a partnership to optimise supply chain management for manufacturing companies

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Sopra Steria, a major player in Europe’s tech sector, and Pelico, a French software developer that helps manufacturers manage factory production risks, have entered into a partnership aimed at developing a secure supply chain management solution.

This strategic partnership addresses the need for data sovereignty in supply chains, offering Sopra Steria’s customers a 100% French solution.
Securing the use of this type of sensitive data is essential in the manufacturing sector.

Founded in 2019, Pelico is a French software developer that offers a collaborative decision-making platform that leverages manufacturing data (on production, storage, transport, demand, etc.) to provide smart insights to factory staff. This helps make companies more resilient and agile, enabling more effective management of production risks (such as demand fluctuations, supplier failures, and public health or geopolitical crises). The platform unites factory staff around a single source of data to better anticipate bottlenecks, prioritise corrective measures, boost collaboration between teams and simulate alternative production plans. Ultimately, the solution improves lead times and cuts costs. The risk of stock shortages, for example, is reduced by 37%.

As a solutions integrator, Sopra Steria will offer Pelico’s solution to its own customers interested in optimising how they manage manufacturing data, and help them customise the platform’s features according to the scope of their business and their specific needs. Sopra Steria will also provide the technical interface between Pelico software and existing or future ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems.

Another unique feature of this solution is its augmented use of artificial intelligence to optimise decision-making throughout the entire supply chain.

“This partnership between Sopra Steria and Pelico addresses the strategic priority of protecting and securely managing our customers’ data. The synergy between these two French operators is a major step forward in securing supply chain data, particularly for state-owned enterprises. We are proud to assist Pelico in launching its solution at a wide range of companies,” commented Benoît Spolidor, Head of Artificial Intelligence – Aeroline at Sopra Steria.

We are proud to enter into this partnership with a European leader in digital transformation for the aerospace and defence sector. Thanks to this partnership, our customers will be able to implement the Pelico platform on a larger scale and accelerate their factories’ transition to greater resilience and agility,” said Tarik Benabdallah, CEO and co-founder of Pelico.


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Sopra Steria and Pelico enter into a partnership to optimise supply chain management for manufacturing companies



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Aurélien Flaugnatti
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