Sopra Steria launches its new digital transformation consulting brand, Sopra Steria Next


Sopra Steria, a European leader in consulting, digital services and software development, has announced the launch of Sopra Steria Next.
With 3,400 consultants in Europe, Sopra Steria Next is one of the largest digital transformation consulting firms.By helping its clients develop innovative digital transformation strategies, Sopra Steria Next forms a key link in Sopra Steria’s end-to-end strategy.


Providing high-value-added consulting services to decision-makers is an essential component of our end-to-end offering. Our ambition is to make Sopra Steria Next the benchmark for digital transformation consulting in Europe,” said Vincent Paris, Chief Executive Officer of Sopra Steria. “Since 2015, we have focused on consolidating and transforming our consulting teams in the Group’s main markets, and today we have a solid team of 3,400 consultants in Europe, including 1,900 in France. Now that we’ve laid these foundations, it’s time to realise our ambition and unite all our consulting activities under a powerful new brand,” he added.

Strategies grounded in an understanding of businesses’ real-world needs

Digital technology affects the entire value chain of companies and organisations, and drives them to undergo fundamental change: they must redefine their positioning and adapt very quickly to their environment, adopting an ecosystem mindset, while combining complementary skills and expertise. To offer realistic strategies, Sopra Steria Next has in-depth business-specific, sector-specific and technology-specific expertise and is backed by the implementation capacity of Sopra Steria Group.

We believe that for a strategic vision to be valuable, it must be actionable and grounded in the businesses’ real-world conditions. Our consultants use their real-world experience to develop unique strategies alongside their clients and commit to achieving tangible results,” commented Jean-Claude Lamoureux, Executive Director of Sopra Steria Next. “We will capitalise on our affiliation with Sopra Steria – a leader in digital transformation – to ensure the feasibility of the strategies we develop and the widespread use of agile best practice,” he added.

The need for digital ethics

 Because a company’s business development can no longer take place without taking into account its social and environmental impact, Sopra Steria Next aims to place digital ethics at the core of its value proposition and digital transformation strategies.

 “Digital ethics is an issue that affects us all. The launch of Sopra Steria Next is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to digital ethics, trust and corporate social responsibility,” stated Vincent Paris. “It’s a commitment that matters to our employees, our customers and our fellow citizens, for whom a sense of purpose and compliance with an ethical framework are decisive factors. Digital ethics is also a core component of our strategy and the digital transformation projects we pursue with our clients,” he concluded.



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Sopra Steria launches its new digital transformation consulting brand, Sopra Steria Next

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