Sopra Steria recognised as a Leader in Cyber Resiliency Services by global analyst firm NelsonHall

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Sopra Steria, a European Tech leader recognised for its consulting, digital services, and software development, announced today that its practices have been ranked among the "leaders" in the 2022 NelsonHall NEAT analysis of the Cyber Resiliency Services market segment.

NelsonHall’s NEAT report assessed nine companies across the globe and focused on specific capability in cyber consulting & strategy construction, incident response & backup services, and managed cyber security services. Sopra Steria’s cyber resiliency approach leverages its end-to-end cybersecurity capabilities, assets and its own experience. NelsonHall’s recognition of Sopra Steria is based on the following strengths:

  • The acquisition of EVA Group has allowed Sopra Steria to expand in North America, Asia and therefore to move to an efficient “follow the sun” model to support its customers expansion.
  • Strong position within security consulting services within the U.K. and in detection security services in France, for which Sopra Steria has been quick to drive growth and target new opportunities such as critical infrastructure security.
  • A focus on automation in response to cyber events, including the development of its fallback response solution, can enable clients to continue to operate at a much-diminished capability without significant downtimes.

Cyberattacks are aiming more and more at destroying organizations and making their supply chains weaker. Sopra Steria positions as organizations’ trusted third party to anticipate and prepare the worst case, and respond efficiently when it occurs. Our common goal is to restore critical functions of the information system, and therefore restore trust within the ecosystem. Our teams are honoured to be recognised by NelsonHall as a Leader in Cyber Resiliency Services" said Fabien LECOQ, Cyber Security Director for France & Group CTSO.

“NelsonHall rated Sopra Steria as a Leader in Cyber Resiliency Services due to its end-to-end cyber capabilities, in particular its strong security consulting and response capabilities such as its fallback response solution. The company has succeeded in winning several long and deep contracts with its European clients, and its international development started with EVA Group acquisition” said Mike Smart, Senior Analyst at NelsonHall.


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Sopra Steria recognised as a Leader in Cyber Resiliency Services by global analyst firm NelsonHall



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Aurélien Flaugnatti
Aurélien Flaugnatti
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