Sopra Steria unveils its "Aeroline Zero Emission" programme for the aeronautics sector

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Sopra Steria, one of the European leaders in Tech recognised for its consulting, digital services, and software publishing activities, is launching a new programme, entitled "Aeroline Zero Emission", designed to support aerospace players through their environmental transition.

Sopra Steria is convinced that digital technology plays a key role in accelerating the decarbonisation of aviation. Aeroline, Sopra Steria's vertical dedicated to the aerospace sector, has designed a tailor-made programme to transform organisations and help design a sustainable future for aviation.

Taking the environment into account across the full value chain

Under United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU) directives, all stakeholders in the aviation sector are required to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Sopra Steria, via its Aeroline vertical, launches its "Aeroline Zero Emission" programme for the aeronautics sector.

This programme is intended to support manufacturers in the sector in achieving their own objectives and covers the entire value chain: from aircraft design to airport, and air operations. Knowledge of these professions, coupled with the mastery of associated processes and technologies, is one of Sopra Steria's strengths in assisting this major transformation.

Digital as an accelerating factor for decarbonised aviation

Digital technology makes possible to measure, model, and simulate environmental impacts so as to make the best decisions in a complex environment targeting enhanced sustainability.

Data and digital continuity are the industry’s backbone in a more connected world, which aims to increase cooperation and efficiency between stakeholders.

Sopra Steria's programme focuses on five transformation levers for decarbonised aviation:

  • Measurement, simulation, and management of environmental performance for informed operational decisions,
  • A well-managed transition to more sustainable organisations in order to reduce the impact in areas 1, 2, and 3 (direct Emissions, indirect energy-related Emissions, and other indirect Emissions) as defined by the GreenHouse Gas (GHG) Protocol,
  • Rollout of digital platforms and collaborative governance for optimised multi-stakeholder cooperation,
  • The development of "Sustainable by Design" products and services for sustainable solutions throughout their life cycle,
  • Preparation for scaling up decarbonised aviation across the entire value chain and enabling rapid rollout.

"Climate and environment action is at the core of Sopra Steria's strategy. As a long-standing partner of aviation sector companies, we must rally all stakeholders to build a more sustainable world. The decarbonisation of aviation is a challenge that we must collectively address by using the considerable potential of digital to achieve the 2050 carbon neutrality targets." says Xavier Pecquet, member of Sopra Steria Group’s Executive Committee.

The launch of Aeroline Zero Emission for the aerospace sector is the result of a strong commitment from employees to our customers. Under the impetus of the programme, our teams are now rallied to help decarbonise aviation and address future challenges." says Ayedin Manzari, Director of Sopra Steria's Aeroline Zero Emission Programme.

Sopra Steria, a long-standing partner to companies in the aeronautics sector

Sopra Steria has today more than 4,500 employees in the aerospace industry, spread over six countries. It has experts and project managers with recognised expertise in the sector’s critical functions such as Engineering, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Maintenance and Services, as well as a team dedicated to Air Traffic Management.

The Aeroline vertical also provides a complete offering integrating complementary know-how: consulting, systems integration, infrastructure and cloud, cybersecurity, and software publishing.

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Sopra Steria unveils its "Aeroline Zero Emission" programme for the aeronautics sector


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