Sopra Steria launches the Q@Home solution to contribute to the challenges of social distancing and real-time flow management

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At Sopra Steria, we are convinced that technology has a role to play in combating the spread of Covid-19 and facilitating the adaptation of citizens to the new constraints they face. Our teams are working alongside our customers every day to propose and implement concrete solutions that are accessible to all in these challenging times. In this way, we place agility at the heart of our operations, to be responsive and meet the new needs of the organizations we support.

This is why we have designed an application that enables customers of mass retailers and institutions to avoid queues in public places and to make face-to-face appointments.


Respecting social distancing, managing flows in real time – these are major challenges for retail, public sector and healthcare companies

In order to meet strict social distancing guidelines, Sopra Steria and Salesforce have jointly developed Q@Home, an online booking system that allows people to pre-book a time slot to visit a store. In addition to reducing queues and regulating traffic, the application offers new ways of capturing customer data to enable better customer service and improve store operations.

Currently used in 400 retail stores in Italy, the application is now being offered on a trial basis to businesses in France, as well as to UK healthcare organizations. It is also gradually being rolled out in Spain and Belgium.

Accessibility for the greatest number

In order to enable everyone to benefit from this solution and thus help to reduce the digital divide, a telephone reservation system has also been set up so that people without access to the Internet can access the service.

The initiative was put forth during the #EuvsVirus hackathon, launched by the European Commission in order to extend its use to all sectors of activity, particularly those in the public, health and transport sectors.

Sopra Steria's experts put their agility and digital expertise at your service to meet your strategic challenges in these unprecedented times. More than ever, organizations and the people who make them up must be bold. This crisis has accelerated our collective awareness. Each organization must adapt its strategy to strengthen its positions, rethink its models while demonstrating resilience in a new "normal". Sopra Steria is here to help you to cope with these transformations and build concrete solutions, together.