Sopra Steria announces a partnership with Sky Republic to offer digital supply chain platforms

Sopra Steria announced today a technology partnership with the American startup Sky Republic to offer next-generation digital supply chain platforms for automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, and transportation industries.

Based in Scottsdale (Arizona), Sky Republic is a pioneer in enterprise blockchain working today for Aerospace and Air Transportation industries. Founded in 2016, Sky Republic built from the ground up the Atlas platform recognized in six Gartner 2020 Hype Cycles.

“While blockchain’s smart contracts decentralize the management of digital assets, Atlas’ Sky Contracts automate complex supply chain processes within currently centralized networks” explains Chris Fabre, Sky Republic’s founder and CEO. “Since the 80’s, supply chain networks are based on point to point EDI or API technologies which fragment processes. Control towers were introduced to provide end-to-end visibility and automation but are complex to set up and centralize business benefits. Atlas allows to easily create a trusted and distributed digital twin of a supply chain and fosters co-innovation by decentralizing benefits. Participants can further digitize operations, track and trace assets integrating EDI and IOT feeds, certify goods provenance, or accelerate payments and settlements.”

“Improving the efficiency, resilience, and agility of supply chains is more than ever a priority for enterprises in a global economy that is deeply impacted by COVID-19” declares Mohammed Sijelmassi, Chief Technology Officer of Sopra Steria.


“We build digital strategies with our customers that are innovative but rooted in their business reality and truly actionable. Atlas facilitates the development of distributed composite applications that can monitor a cold chain end-to-end or track aircraft parts maintenance for example. Sky Republic blockchain offers the right governance model and design maturity to reengineer multi-enterprise processes which remains the key to digital transformation in many industries”.

“This partnership creates a new major player in the blockchain market. Together with Sopra Steria, we have the resources, the project and business expertise, and the innovation capability required to serve the biggest supply chain communities. Thanks to Atlas, we can build and run the next generation of digital supply chain platforms” declares Chris Fabre.


“We are delighted to contribute to the development of Atlas. Its unique architecture allows to benefit in one platform from all capabilities required in complex supply chain use cases. It offers the best of Ethereum, Fabric, Corda and a B2B middleware. This partnership will strengthen our Sopra Steria’s Blockchain Competency Center, which leverages today more than 200 international experts, in conjunction with our vertical business units” declares Mohammed Sijelmassi.

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Sopra Steria announces a partnership with Sky Republic to offer digital supply chain platforms

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