E-STAP 360 by Sopra Steria

Email serves as the attack vector in 91% of cyber attacks. In light of this escalating threat landscape, there is an immediate necessity to expedite response times for the efficient handling of the growing influx of suspicious emails.

In response to this challenge, Sopra Steria has collaborated with GLIMPS and Corexalys to create the E-STAP 360 platform. This platform offers a comprehensive view of cyber threats and harnesses the expertise of its Threat Intelligence analysts.

GLIMPS contributes its advanced malware detection and analysis technology to E-STAP 360, a secure platform for scrutinizing suspicious emails against advanced threats. Notably, E-STAP 360 is hosted, operated, and secured within Sopra Steria infrastructure, ensuring data confidentiality.

What is the E-STAP 360 advantages?

  • Swift delivery of a comprehensive threat report, complete with immediate remediation actions, within 30 minutes, facilitated by analysts.
  • Rapid deployment of the solution within just six working days.
  • Guarantees data confidentiality.

Presently, the joint ambition of Sopra Steria, GLIMPS & Corexalys is to expand the international presence of E-STAP, with a successful launch in Canada.

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E-STAP 360: the platform for analysing suspicious emails in the face of advanced threats

E-STAP 360: the platform for analysing suspicious emails in the face of advanced threats

The Information Systems Department of the company ABC has been confronted with several recent cyberattacks which have used email as an entry vector into the IS.

According to studies, 91% of cyberattacks use email as the first vector to infiltrate computer systems.

Additionally, the average cost of a phishing attack is $1,500 per employee, which is a significant cost to the business.

The IT Department therefore decided to implement the E-STAP 360 solution, which allows users to report suspicious emails and mitigating the risk of attack.

Once reported in a dedicated mailbox, a case is created. The email is then analyzed through ESTAP 360 partners' solutions, and automatically through the XSOAR.

Five steps are carried out simultaneously to analyze the email, File analysis helps identify malicious behavior and associated matches in anti-virus databases.

The analysis of domain names in particular gives analysts clues as to whether or not the attack was targeted. URLs are analyzed in order to understand the attackers' systems and their level of expertise. IP analysis makes it possible to understand the infrastructures used and to make correlations with the signatures (TTP) of malicious actors. The scan results are then consolidated into a PDF, which is reviewed by an analyst to determine if the email is potentially malicious or not.

The Sopra Steria analyst validates the E-STAP 360 analysis and enriches the report with recommendations for the remediation and prevention of subsequent attacks.

The detailed report is then sent to the employee and to the IT Department to provide them with the tunrkey actions. The implementation of the E-STAP 360 solution has enabled ABC's ISD to respond effectively to cybersecurity issues related to suspicious emails.

Thanks to this solution, the company was able to limit potential impact of attack and strengthen its overall security, while protecting its data sovereignty.

Close collaboration for efficiency and sovereignty

E-STAP 360 is the result of Sopra Steria's partnership with start-ups and SMEs specializing in sovereign solutions for their market segments.

As the files pass through GLIMPS Malware, they are analyzed by our Deep Learning-based engine and 20 detection and investigation modules. We thus provide a strong detection capability, coupled with advanced information extraction to speed up the investigation by analysts. 

Frédéric Grelot - Glimps

As part of the E-STAP 360 offering, Sopra Steria has succeeded in proposing a high value-added solution for customers, combining Artificial Intelligence-based technology for the detection of malware within email attachments, and high-quality human expertise to provide all corrective remediation actions. It's the combination of innovative technology and human expertise that gives rise to a high-level offering: E-STAP 360".

Bruno Leclerc - Global Head of Sales - Glimps

E-STAP 360 is a collaborative and sovereign commitment in the fight against phishing.​ Corexalis carries out the analysis of the compromise resulting from a phishing attack thanks to its ability to gather information in the Deepnet and the Darknet.

Valéry-Emmanuel Gosserez - CEO Corexalys

With EclecticIQ, the operationalization of threat intelligence is reinvented in the threat detection, hunting and response processes. ​

Joep Gommers - CEO ElectricIQ