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Together, let’s position HR as an innovation driver in your organisation.

Human Resources: a digital transformation driver

 Digital transformation has a huge impact on human resources issues. Thus, the digital age is redefining the role of HR professionals in order to better serve the company's strategy and the employees and managers whose expectations are changing.

 There is no doubt that HR is evolving and adopting new practices and skills as well as new tools to become more effective. This broad area covers a wide range of topics, from payroll to staff administration, time and activity management, recruitment, training, skills management and HR communication and quality of life at work.

 As a global player in Human Resources, Sopra HR Software addresses digital transformation challenges in public and private sector organisations and acts as a software house, integrator, advisor and cloud player.

 The new challenges of HR Digital

Virtual and automated, HR services must adapt to major changes by relying more on new uses and technologies: mobile (Atawad), AI, RPA and chatbots, analytics, the cloud, connected objects and social networks.

To meet these challenges, our teams support you in offering 3.0 HR solutions and services that fit with new digital practices.

We use the power of technologies to address HR productivity challenges. We also place employee experience at the heart of our approach to help the HR Department drive change within the company. Finally, we are convinced that its essential to have a full command of HR IT urbanisation challenges. Ensuring interoperability, consistency, control and security of data are major levers for achieving this.

HR transformation with Sopra HR Software

Our dedicated subsidiary, Sopra HR Software offers solutions and services tailored to organisations in all sectors of activity, in a local or international context.

  • Dedicated HR solutions: our solutions cover all HR topics, offered on premise or on the cloud (from SaaS to BPS). Industrial and agile, they integrate the best business practices to support effective HR thanks to co-innovation and collective intelligence.
  • Range of services: our range of flexible services enables our customers to continuously improvement HR activities: solutions integration, maintenance, legal compliance, cybersecurity, cloud payroll services, infrastructure management, urbanisation, technical auditing, etc.
  • HR Transformation Council: our consulting teams are involved in project management support, change management, talent management, HR performance expertise and digital scoping.
  • Innovation: The Sopra HR Lab uses the latest technological advances such as connected objects, chatbots, semantic analyses, voice analyses, AI, RPA, big data, blockchain and cybersecurity to transform them into operational solutions.

A global player in Human Resources, Sopra HR Software provides innovative solutions and services for the successful digital transformation of the HR function.


Together, let’s position HR as an innovation driver in your organization.


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